Mini Handlebar on Guni

I would like to know if fitting a Mini Handlebar to my KH26" Guni can help with riding in High Gear on Singletrack?
Some People have said No and Some say Yes its a must? :roll_eyes:
I have some ideas about design of a Mini handle! :astonished:

Send lunicycle a message, im sure he would give you some advice :slight_smile:

Hi thanks i was think about that :wink:

No problem.

Check out:

I’ve got a KH24 GUni and cut my KH touring bar almost identically. While I’ve only had a few chances to test the setup out, I will say that so far it has really helped with riding in high-gear overall. The good thing about the KH touring bar is that it is so customizable that you’ve got a good chance at dialing it in just the way you want. Beware that with the bar cut down as far as it is, you may need to cut the “T” section to be a bit narrower as you’ll hit it with your knees (happened to me).

Good luck!

Here is my current set-up. The handle is nice in high gear. For low, I still use the seat handle. My set up is for one hand. The trails I ride are pretty rocky. If I were riding smoother terrain, I might want to use both hands.


The answer is yes – with practice you can be more stable. You don’t need a mini-handlebar; a full on regular one works great.


Don’t you have a problem with your brake handle taking the blow if you upd? From the pic it seems to stick out further than the handlebar.

Look at the handlebar and brake on mine:

it is even more extreme and out there. I haven’t broken it yet. It sometimes hits the ground and bents back (downward). I run it a little loose intentionally to allow this. However, this is due to my brake adapter design; with it directly on the T bar it won’t be able to bend downwards, and might be more prone to breaking.


I made some minor adjustments and the handle hits first. I keep the brake mount screw loose enough that the brake handle moves if it does hit something. So far no problem.

Definitely Peter, I reckon so anyway. I should’ve mentioned handlebars in the Gear Shift Technique story on my blog so have updated that.

On a GUni a handlebar adds a huge amount of control, acting as an extended variable lever you can use to offset the increased/variable forces both going into the pedals from you and going into your feet from the pedals in high gear, and changing back and forth between gears. The additional comfort benefit is a nice kickback too. I don’t do unispins so have never found it to get in the way out on the trail.

I prefer the brake lever under the seat so designed my bar to retain that. As I’ve mentioned in the blog a KH bar is probably a good place to consider starting as it’s so adjustable - you could fine tune the setup of the bar, and go from there.

Thank you Pete, Corbin and All
I have been out Riding all weekend and tonight, tonight is the 1st time I have down shifted with eze! I have an idea about a handbar design so my brake is under the seat! I’m after it being light and not to big as i’m in training to ride in Karapoti Classic next year. It needs to be light and small (not too big) as there is two (Big) climb’s (ask Ken Looi) that i will have to run up and over take the Mountain bikers walking up. :smiley:

Hey, I have a modified KH T-bar on my 26" Guni too. I’m very satisfied with it the way it is now.
I shortened it slightly but I left enough to be able to put the brake lever on in such a way that it can be grabbed while holding the bar single handedly between the bar ends (which I swapped out for ones that would allow me to put some beefy rubber grips on). The braking is now a little more like when it’s under the saddle, which I still prefer somehow. But I got used to this handle bar setup and can ride most technical things with it.
The rubber grips are about 2 cm longer than the bar ends themselves by the way, so that acts as a bumper.
The part between the bar ends is covered with foam grips for more comfort. They also cover the area that you often bump into in a upd.
Here’s a picture:

Thank You

At last I made up a Mini Handlebar (for this weekend Club 22km dirt road ride)

I like very much the idea to keep the brake handle under the saddle and not far on the handle bar

I’m assuming you fabricated that bar yourself? Or, could it be that the bar in that shape already exists and was borrowed from some other application? I’m also curious about the attachment under the seat.

Once my KH t-bar arrives for the 36er, I plan to start cutting on the T7 to create a short grab bar for the 26 muni - a one-hander like Tuscon Uni is what I imagine. From others’ experiences, I assume it will make a difference in hill climbing.

Yes I fabricated the Bar :slight_smile: The Bar is attached to 3 of the 4 front handle mount bolts. Today was the 1st ride and it works great (it was going to be just a Test handlebar for the weekend :smiley: BUT it works so well I’m thinking to stay with IT) Hill climbing is very good, But I fitted it to help with riding in top gear! on singletrack (which it work’s great) it I ride with Two hands on long fire roads (dirt roads) and on some longer climb’s.
Pete G…

seriously nice job on the handlebar Peter, congrats!

Thanks Pete, I had been making a 2 tube set up for the last 3+ weeks and it was not working out.
So on Friday I had to make a H Bar A.S.A.P. for Todays club ride (Sunday) after thinking about it all day Friday on friday night I start Making the New one and Finished it Saturday morning. Painted and waited for the paint to dry.
Fitted it Saturday afternoon and Photo’s.
Tested Today and It the Bee’s nee’s.
You were so right about a Handlebar set up with a Guni! :slight_smile:
Thank You.
Pete G…
P.s I hope Your feet are drying out after all the water in O.Z. and Your Town.

Yes I fabricated the Bar :slight_smile:

Nice work! This is yet another example of why welding needs to be my next hobby.