Mad4One 36” frame coming soon!

I think Roger’s comment is about disc on the hub like on this orange M4O 36, Simon @toutestbon did same and I don’t agree with this set up; my view is 100mm wide + disc on crank or 125mm wide and disc on the hub with strait cranks (I don’t like them because of my feet position)

You’re right. I have misread this message:

So, it is not weak but it’s weaker than a 125mm-wide hub :grin:

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I would always prefer the setup with the least Q factor. And I only use my light 36" on roads and paths.

Otherwise to react to other questions about double or triple insert cranks. When I go for a long climb, I use at least 2 holes (for a unicycle without gear). However, I keep the saddle position that corresponds to the longest crank position on that ride. For the descent, it’s not a problem for my knees to be low on the saddle, there is no force to put on the pedals, just velocity.

I think you meant brake mount tabs, not brake lever.

FYI, you can run a disc brake either inboard or outboard with any 36er frame, with or without brake tabs. The Dbrake can be used on either the left or right side.

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I wouldn’t bother trying on a cotterless system though

Anyone know the weight of the M4O 36" frame?

Anybody else built a 36er with one of these yet? Show us some pictures!

@ruari ? :wink:

Not yet but I am one step closer now I have the wheel

But I am still missing the King George Ultimate

I had considered salvaging the tyre from my other 36er and using the Mad4One for this ride

But I couldn’t motivate myself the evening before and have now decided I shall just wait.

I could weigh mine for you but I do not have particularly accurate scales. You are probably better asking @MAD4ONE directly.

The silver hub and orange frame are going to look great together!

Am I there yet?


Well it is neither the intended, nor the final configuration… but I had enough spare parts, so I built up a basic version of it so I could try it out.

Some things will change. It has VCX+ cranks on for now but these will be replaced with Kris Holm Spirit Disc cranks because it will also have a brake (outboard). In addition this is just an extra UDC Club saddle I had lying around, that I will switch out later. I am also planning to have a handlebar.

I should note that some things were going to be different. Originally I had intended black spokes and black (M4O) cranks, along with a Nimbus Stadium Unicycle with orange hints, to keep the black and orange theme going throughout. However, once I decided to go with outboard disc for braking, Kris Holm Spirit Disc cranks became the only option. Since they are silver, I figured maybe the silver spokes would be better, especially if I went with a Nimbus aluminium hub, which I did. I am not totally sure if that hub was the right call now (I have heard of a couple people braking those alu hubs) but here we are, that is what I did! :wink:

Now that I no longer have the pure “black and orange” theme, I doubt I will go with the Stadium saddle because to be honest the last one I tried I did not really like, so… I might as well get something else. :laughing: I am thinking that through right now. I also have not settled on what I will do for the handlebar.

I have only ridden it around the block once because I did not put it together until very late this evening and it is dark now but… wow it is feels so light and responsive. Like a smaller uni (but faster). This is obviously not just down to the frame. My previous 36er was an all steel (apart from the cranks) UDC Trainer, with the heavier (original) Nimbus Nightrider tyre. This is all aluminium and has the KG Ultimate (light) tyre and lighter inner tube. I have not weighed it but I went back and forth between the two of them in my quick test and they feel worlds apart.

So far, despite not being exactly what I imagined, and not entirely finished, I am really happy with it! :grinning:

Yes, past Ruari, it was!


Looks classy. Silver spokes were definitely the right call.

I would avoid any orange accents on the saddle. They always end up getting dirty and looking meh.


Here is one with slightly better lighting


Ok, I switched to Kris Holm Spirit (Disc) cranks, so that I could get used to them before adding a brake in the future. They do not have the same hole positions as the Nimbus VCX+, so I dropped down from 125mm to 117mm. In my limited testing this seems fine and I think I should be able to get up all the same hills without a massive slow down.

I also weighed it. Now granted I am using some crap bathroom scales and weighing myself and the bike, then subtracting my weight. Using this method I get 6.4kg. Given this is a shitty way to go about it, take this with a pinch of salt but it is interesting nonetheless and seems pretty low considering no carbon rim. Obviously things will change a bit once I add a brake and handlebar.

P.S. The other thing I thought about just now was that it is quite an interesting mix of manufacturers: Nimbus wheelset, Quax tube & tyre, KH cranks and M4O frame. It seems I show no favouritism! :laughing:

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Stop lying to yourself :wink:
:rofl: :joy:

Sweet ride!

I thought I was being quite honest. I didn’t need it but I am glad that I have it!

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I’m sure you are and it does look good.
It’ll be interesting to see your final set up.