KH SPIRIT 3 holes cranks 110 / 127 / 150mm

I updated my KH36 with KH disc on SPIRIT cranks and Nimbus D-Brake, but I wanted cranks with 3 holes at 110, 127 and 150mm in order to avoid crank changes as it’s not so convenient with the disc on the right crank :frowning:

As Kris doesn’t plan to make such cranks even if no technical issue as forging tool is the same for all SPIRIT cranks, I did my own 3 holes cranks based on 127/150 SPIRIT cranks :o

Most difficult was to fit the crank at the right position. I used a pedal axis and an indicating caliper fitted to the pillar drill in order to adjust the position. Then drilled gradually to 13mm and tapped holes with 9/16 20TPI RH and LH taps.


Very nice work! But a more even spacing might be 150/130/110. But You’d have to start with the single hole 150 to get that spread.

Nice job!

Did you do all the work yourself?

Where did you get the taps?

yes by myself
I got taps from WWW.RDGTOOLS.CO.UK, these are not HSS steel but this is enought for aluminum


1214 9/16" X 20TPI CYCLE THREAD 1 £9.13 £9.13

1789 9/16" X 20TPI CYCLE THREAD 1 £9.96 £9.96
TAP SET “Left Hand”

Nice work, Didier!

Park Tool also sells pedal taps:

Good job. I don’t comprehend how you guys can spin a 36 inch wheel with 110 cranks, though. I’ve never tried it, but it sounds like riding with a Schlumph in high gear… :smiley:

Nice job.

It will be great if Kris made blank cranks with no holes.
So you can make you own length cranks.
Then i can make cranks with 160mm length.
The length i this is perfect for technical high gear schlumpf muni riding.

Well done, Bouin! :slight_smile:

160/140/120 would be so cool. That’s what I would do.
Or 165/145/125…

David, Park tool taps are just to repare damaged threads, they are no conical enough for a full tap machninig

on a 36", 110mm is same as 125mm cranks except at low speed and technical condition; don’t worry, I’m not able to ride 100mm cranks on a 29" but 110 on a 36 is just perfect if nice conditions

Nice work Didier!
I have to admit though - currently I have no plans to offer cranks with no pedal holes. There are just too few people that would be willing/capable of doing the required modifications -realistically no retailer is going to be willing to carry that. Plus, as Didier shows you can always add holes if you have the capacity to do so, and that’s not limited on the existing cranks.

Kris, I wish you would consider the potential of something like 163/145(/127 if you did triples) or 160/142(/124) for us geared riders. I would buy two pairs on the spot.
Or alternatively just single hole long ones around 160ish and then people could have their second and or third holes added custom.

OK, I’ll consider it =)

Woohooo, you made my day!!!

160/142 if you make them i would buy 2 pair.

Nice work!


quick release

It would be nice to have a quick release system on the pedal mounting to make switching holes quicker and easier :slight_smile:

how are they holding up?

but not possible to have close holes …