KH 2008 Uni Product Launch

Some of us dont like our ankles being rapped by our cranks though :stuck_out_tongue:

When I think of weight, I dont care where I save it, but I want something more than a 5-6gram saving. And as frames go, I doubt im going to break my frame, and its perfect for me and my riding.

So for my hub now, the flanges are bending, not from grinds or grabs, cause I dont hit my spokes, so just from general riding, so a stronger, lighter hub, has more seduction to me than a frame.

Lol yeah those look good for the ankles. I’d be keen on some lighter cranks. Just aslong as their as strong (or stronger) then moments.

New parts in the shops

I had the info they will be in the shops at early august …
don´t think that anyone have one at the moment. Hope that my new ride will comming very soon.

For street IMO the tyre is the thing that needs to be lightest, followed by the rim, pedals then cranks. And basically all tyres rims, and plastic pedals are the same weight. So cranks would be a good way to save weight. But moments are a nice shape for most stuff and basically indestructible so I’m happy with them for now. TI cranks would sell well though, if they were light and strong.

When I shaved my tyre which saved 200-300g unispins felt a bit easier.

Could use a strong 20" uni. Lighter rims and tire choices. Just get use to having to be more precise. To me, that sounds like a good thing though.

I will have the Distance tomorrow from UDCA. I will also have a Ti hub (to be built into a wheel). Can’t wait.

So was the solution for you sliding the seat forward or was it sliding it backward? I think with my geared 29 I keep the seat in the middle and haven’t really experimented with sliding it forward or backward, but then again, I haven’t had the same issue.

I have no experience with a guni 29 but with my guni 36 I had to slide the seat back a bit more than my regular 36er

Yeah, my tire is already light though. Crank/pedal weight is very important for flipping though, since it is on the outside and thus less aerodynamic than the tire and rim and that whole shabang.

i will get one eventually…i hope

Will the new seatposts (like rail typish ones) get in the way for SIF?



I saw good part of the 2008 stuff…

Yesterday I got my KH LongNeck (Sponsor)… its awesome… Really long neck (longer than the domina frame). Its a little bit heavier than my old uni but way cooler… ´Here is selling it for 450 euros I THINK!

The Titanium hub is here too… Really light but costs almost the same as the 2008 uni! 400 Euros!!!

The SIM cranks are éxactly the same as Koxx Street Cranks but 5mm shorter and with the longer back…

There are some coll stuff around here from other companies too, Roger from Uk, was riding a Titanium frame, way lighter than the triton. His uni have the Ti Hub too…

Koxx have a prototype of a titanium frame in their store, but I didnt touched it yet!

Wow, you are lucky! UDC in the US doesn’t have the slightest mention of 2008 KH products. Perhaps everyone from their store is at Unicon right now? I’m still trying to decide which of the new KH20 unis to by. Could you post an action shot of your new uni?

  • Mark

No, the adjustable post doesn’t get in the way. Check the photos at
The fixed post is still the recommended one for trials/street though.

UDC USA now has the '08 lineup in stock.


I got my DC frame yesterday.

Thanks Kris!


I really used my uni today and its awesome!

Thanks Kris, best uni ever!

The frame have the perfect size… The new wheel is awesome… Im really in love with it…

Im riding 125s now and its really better than the koxx 135… the 125 are easier and smoth to flip…

I tried a LOT of Dominas and freestyle frames here, but the new KH is way better… Some freestyle guys asked to try my frame and they liked it…

I tried one frame with the Titanium hub… its Really cool… Im thinking in saving for this one…

Congratulations Kris, everbody here is loving your new stuff… Im always hearding: §Kris is really making stuff, not just changing colors§


but doesn’t yet have it up on the website. we are waiting to get brokerage and duty cost info before we can even start the pricing of KH Products. As soon as we have this information the products will be on the site for order. if you have questions about the product you can read about them for the time being at, or you can give us a call. Pricing (or estimated pricing) will not be given before the product is up on the website. Approximate web launch date for KH products (or estimated product launch) will not be given. An updated thread will be placed on the forums when products are available.

Except for in this thread you posted yesterday (Wed, July 30) you say:

So, sounds like Friday, August 8 is your current best estimate. Looking forward to being able to order my first KH trials uni!

What’s the weight of the KH Ti hub?