Replenished & New Product At Udc Us!

Just got in a new container. I’ll list what is now back in stock, and what is to be updated and added to the site within the next few days. Any questions just shoot us an email at! :slight_smile:

Back In Stock:

Duro 24 X 3.0 Tube
Nimbus 20-inch Trials ISIS
Nimbus 20-inch Trials ISIS (Blue)
Nimbus 20-inch Trials ISIS (Red)
Nimbus 20-inch Trials ISIS (Yellow)
Nimbus ISIS Hub (48-hole)
Nimbus Nightrider 36-inch Tire
Nimbus 29-inch ISIS Touring Unicycle (Blue)
Nimbus 24-inch ISIS Muni

(please keep in mind, these items have not yet been added to the website. once we have pictures, and pricing info available these items will be made available on the website. Realistically we’re aiming for next Friday to have every product up, but the KH product should be up first, so keep checking back on the website!)

Nimbus Double Bolt Seat Clamp (in colors Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange)
Kris Holm Double Bolt Seat Clamp (in colors Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Grey, Green)
Nimbus ISIS 36’er Hub
Nimbus Nightrider 36-inch Unicycle (cycle color - Oxblood)
Nimbus Nightrider 36-inch Pro (now with ISIS hub; cycle color - Oxblood)
Nimbus II 20-inch ISIS Frame (in red; chrome still available)
Kris Holm 08 20-inch Double Crown Frame
Kris Holm 08 20-inch Longneck Frame
Kris Holm 08 20-inch Frame
Kris Holm 08 24-inch Frame
Kris Holm 08 ISIS Hub (now in Black)
Kris Holm 36-inch ISIS 2008 unicycle
Kris Holm 24-inch ISIS Offroad/Mountain 2008 unicycle
Kris Holm 29-inch ISIS XC 2008 unicycle
Kris Holm 20-inch ISIS Trials 2008 unicycle
Kris Holm ISIS Titanium Hub
Kris Holm ISIS 20-inch Titanium Wheelset
Kris Holm ISIS 24-inch Titanium Wheelset
Kris Holm Adjustable Rail Seatpost (no rail adapter needed!)
Kris Holm Spooner Brake Lever Extention
WTB STOUT 29X2.3 Tire

Could we get a price check on the Ti 20" wheelset?

Why are you only offering the Nimbus hub in 48 hole?

Sounds cool, can’t wait to see the clamps and prices of everything. I noticed the sym cranks aren’t on your list???

And also the new forged bolt-on seatpost, 08 rims, 36" frame, new 08 KH gloves, Handle-mount brake bracket, ect.

Are you planing on getting these in stock? I would love the Sym cranks and maybe the gloves and post.

Are the 137mm Moment cranks back in stock?

Dang if I only waited a couple of more weeks I could hace gotten a colored seat clamp

so sad:(

It doesn’t matter. It’s the same as the KH which is 36 hole.

Except that the Nimbus has no problems with the flanges tearing.

So there remains is a shortage of 24" muni tires! How serious is that?

They’re only like 6 bucks…

WHY UDC??? WHY did you go the way of the devil and add a street category??

just let people pick their cranks lengths and be done with it!!

kh product will be available as soon as we get cost/pricing info from our broker. Nimbus product will be available as soon as our photographer gets pictures back to us (photoshoot tomorrow!) :slight_smile:

Ntappin - no prices yet on the KH product. Amy is waiting to get all the border and duty fees so she can add everything up for pricing. this is her top priority right now, but she won’t be able to do pricing till our broker gets back with us with detailed costs. for some reason these didn’t come before our shipment this time.

Conrad.Nguyen - The Nimbus ISIS hub on most of the ISIS cycles is, and has been, a 48-hole. We previously had, and still have the Nimbus ISIS 36-hole hub, but the only cycles the 36-hole’s used on is the Nimbus 24 Muni and Nimbus 26 Muni. With the design of the hub and rim on these two cycles, the need for 48 spokes is really null…and just extra weight.

Ground Zero - Sorry about that, Ground Zero! They Sym Cranks should be on the list. The Sym Cranks will be available in Black 130mm.

Any Terrain - The Forged seat post will not be available separately at this time, but will in the future. We were not shipped any on this container. Bummer, because I wanted one too! The forged seat post will be on the KH 20-inch Trials cycle, though, so if you don’t mind all the spare parts, there ya go! ha. 08 rims are, of course, on all of the new cycles. None seperately at this time. KH 36’er frames will not be available seperately. The KH 36 cycle will be (only 5 of these available!). The Handle-Mount Brake Bracket you speak of is the Spooner Brake Lever Extention, and the KH Gloves and safety gear will not be available till our next container from Kris. He has switched manufacturers for safety gear, so we’ll have two different shipments for unicycles and unicycle hardware, and safety gear.

Chrashing - 24 X 3.0 tires are very hard to come by these days. It’s a serious issue, but one that we are working very hard to fix. More news on that later on…

Hm, oxblood unicycles.

Sounds brutal…

Wow this is great! I’ve been saving up for a new KH for months. Finally I’m getting my muni.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This is bad news for me! :frowning:

Hello helpdeskuni,
Thanks for the info on these great new products!

I don’t understand why all these parts that are not going to be available separately, can not be just split up from one of the complete unicycles?

Then all the other spare parts can just be added to the stocks they already have of them, and surely there is a higher profit margin when items are sold separately rather than a whole unicycle?

I was looking for some 130mm cranks awhile back. I settled for 125’s because the only 130’s I found were 200+ dollars.:frowning:
How much are the Sym’s? :thinking:

Would the ti wheelset come with ti spokes as well?