Replenished & New Product At Udc Us!

I’m pretty sure Kris said specifically they would be available seperetaly.

Maybe just the first shipment will be sold as only full builds.

sorry man! not this shipment! :frowning:

I imagine you find the people in car showrooms just as unbelievable when you walk in and ask them to dismantle a brand new car so you can buy one small part, after all they can sell the rest of the car as spare parts and make more money.


Hello Wicked Bob! :slight_smile:
No, the wheelsets won’t have ti-spokes. wish they did! we should be able to custom order the spokes and have a wheel built with the titanium hub and titaniums spokes though…that is if the separately sold hubs don’t sell out too quickly.

look at udc!!! they have kh stuff up!!!
514.00 for regular and longneck unis
564.00 for double crown uni
frames are still 200.00
except double crown is 250.00

Awesome I just snatched up a new muni. I’m so stoked that I am gonna splode.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

sym cranks and cool colored seatclamps are now up.

edit: oops i just found the other post about this, sry!

Whats the difference between the regular nimbus 36er and the pro version? I cant see the difference other than the price:o.

The difference is that the pro has a better rim. The rim on the pro has a machined sidewall so you can put a brake on it and it has reinforced nipples.


Any word from Florian on the KH/Schlumpf hubs? I’m in the second list under “Laura Reese”. I’m sure I wont get it for a while but last I heard you couldn’t even get a hold of him.

So You cant put a brake on the regular rim??? or it just wont work as well


I’m waitin for 18" hose maguras, any idea when they will be back in stock?

He is pretty swamped from what I hear. He was out on holiday till the 11th and has a lot of hubs to repair/upgrade and ship off (including mine) and new hubs to send out.

Florian isn’t the problem. While Elves are normally loyal and dedicated, their union laws generously allow them time off at their discretion. Turns out Elves are especially partial to the Olympic games. Maybe now that the games are winding down, they will return their attention to making magic hubs.

I guess to clarify…I didn’t want that last statement to come off as “Florian is taking it easy”, but rather I meant that his business is doing really well and a lot of people want his great hub so he is a very busy man. I know he has a bunch of hubs in queue for repair/upgrade and a lot of new orders, so he is pretty swamped due to the success of his great product.

Hello James,
You came off appropriately. I’m sorry that my using your quote seemed to misconstrue your intentions.

I had just finished riding 13 ‘Nimbus 36’ miles on the local paved rail trail. Took note of every side dirt trail, and dreamed of being able to down shift a 24" wheel guni and drop out of sight on them. So my head was filled with anticipation, fantasy and adrenaline, hence the little story. My magic hub is in queue as well. Since you’ve had the guni experience, you must be really anxious to get that baby back.