KH 2008 Uni Product Launch

Wow, you are lucky! UDC in the US doesn’t have the slightest mention of 2008 KH products. Perhaps everyone from their store is at Unicon right now? I’m still trying to decide which of the new KH20 unis to by. Could you post an action shot of your new uni?

  • Mark

No, the adjustable post doesn’t get in the way. Check the photos at
The fixed post is still the recommended one for trials/street though.

UDC USA now has the '08 lineup in stock.


I got my DC frame yesterday.

Thanks Kris!


I really used my uni today and its awesome!

Thanks Kris, best uni ever!

The frame have the perfect size… The new wheel is awesome… Im really in love with it…

Im riding 125s now and its really better than the koxx 135… the 125 are easier and smoth to flip…

I tried a LOT of Dominas and freestyle frames here, but the new KH is way better… Some freestyle guys asked to try my frame and they liked it…

I tried one frame with the Titanium hub… its Really cool… Im thinking in saving for this one…

Congratulations Kris, everbody here is loving your new stuff… Im always hearding: §Kris is really making stuff, not just changing colors§


but doesn’t yet have it up on the website. we are waiting to get brokerage and duty cost info before we can even start the pricing of KH Products. As soon as we have this information the products will be on the site for order. if you have questions about the product you can read about them for the time being at, or you can give us a call. Pricing (or estimated pricing) will not be given before the product is up on the website. Approximate web launch date for KH products (or estimated product launch) will not be given. An updated thread will be placed on the forums when products are available.

Except for in this thread you posted yesterday (Wed, July 30) you say:

So, sounds like Friday, August 8 is your current best estimate. Looking forward to being able to order my first KH trials uni!

What’s the weight of the KH Ti hub?

Should be 454 Gramm including bolts and spacers but im not 100% sure about that.

I saw the KH ti hub today at Bedfords, is it ever sick!

Was it just a cold, or something more like the flu?

More importantly, will it ever get better?

they couldn’t get better, I helds the KH Ti hub at unicon and the weight difference compared to a stock KH hub (which i was holding in the other hand) was amazing.

190 gramm less then the normal KH Hub as far as i know which is really amazing!

Any price on it yet?

numbers around £250 to £300 were being spoken of

Wow, so around US$500 or more.

What we really need is the KH/Schlumpf hub in titanium, because it’s so heavy. I imagine that would be US$2500 or $3000. :astonished:

According to UDC, you add $460 onto any KH that you want to upgrade to Ti. So with the base price of a KH hub being $62 (they only have the 07 up for purchase), the Ti hub should cost $522.

Profile hub with Ti axle and Magnutanium cranks (870g) $384

KH Ti Hub with Onza Tensile cranks (864g) $634

So for $250 dollars more, you only lose 6g. I think I’ll buy myself some Profiles.

If I ever upgrade to Ti I’m getting that one for sure!!! Aren’t profile hubs stronger as well?

Yeah for trials or muni thats fine. But for anyone wanting a lighter set for street, freestyle or distance the profiles are out of the question. 145 is too long

Too long? No.

Remember defect? :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, remember how bloody hard they found it to land a single crankflip?