KH 2008 Uni Product Launch

Will be sweet if they can be attached to normal moments. Hopefully they’re easy to take on and off so I only have to kill my ankles doing flatland. If they were attached to the crank I’d prefer that the crank had more Q-factor but no nub.

Youre talking about the disks?

If so, they do attach to normal moment cranks, and are easy to take off and put on, tis as simple ass removing the axle bolt. The way the are designed, puts them level with the pedal insert, so it doesnt stick out any more then where your foot is.

When riding spencers I didnt even think of where my foot was at and never hit my ankle at all. Only problem was that he rides with a super low air pressure. lol

I just want to hear the price tag on the Ti hub. I dont need it, but I want it, and its going to make more of a difference than a Ti frame imo. Defiantly going to buy one.

But I already hit my ankle bone on normal moments :/. Only the right one, and only occasionally when landing drops grinds, or when I miss the left pedal when landing a trick. But those disks still sound like an awesome idea and I’ll probably get some anyway.


Why do you think so?

I’ve always heard that the more parts are away from the center of the wheel, the more they are good candidates to a loss-saving exercise => i.e. cranks, pedals, spokes, rims, tubes, tires would be where to save some weight - and not so much the hub itself.

Of course, don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to have a Ti hub - but I would LOVE even more having a Ti frame, because I feel like I would see more benefits.

What do I miss here?

Cheers, MadC.

Is it just me or does it seem weird to everyone that kris holm missed RTL with the KH36 and now it looks like he’s going to miss unicon for all the other products?

Seems like alot of lost revenue to me.

@ above - the ti frames where about 5g lighter than the kh frame, and once you took the powdercoat off the kh it was lighter than the triton sponge. So the point was limited to just the frame beign stronger and reweldable. So the hub does make more weight saving sense, unless someone can make a lighter ti frame.

O well, atleast he didn’t rush the products just to make a little more cash. They will hopefully be fully tested with no flaws now. And yes I don’t see what the point of a TI frame is when the KH has warantee if it ever breaks anyway. If anyone makes another TI frame it’ll need to be the lightest so the weight weenies will buy it.

KH 08 products

You can buy these products from
We have 5 Ti hubs which are not on the site yet but will be asap

I’m sure you’ll see all the shiny parts at unicon, just like we saw the KH36 at RTL. I’m sure seeing the fastest rider in the world (fastest by a surprising amount) riding the prototype KH36 at Ride the Lobster isn’t going to do any bad for sales, and I bet there’ll be a few people riding the other new KH parts at unicon. Maybe one of the unicycle.coms will have some parts to sell too, I hear they’re arriving pretty soon. It isn’t like you’d want to buy a new unicycle at a convention a zillion miles away anyway, you’d have no room in your luggage.


Ti Hubs at UDCA

I forgot to mention I want one of the Ti hubs available at, so that makes four. They are pretty expensive though. They probably work out at the same price as 3 Ti wedding rings so I reckon they are much better value as they are useful, well…unless you are going to marry three wives:) and value that experience greater than riding on a new Ti Hub

I think that lightweight Ti cranks would be a good addition…

Lightweight cranks do nothing but bend and snap.

I want lightweight cranks as much as the next street rider, but I’m happy with moments because I don’t have to worry about them bending.

So the ti hub flanges did not bend? cool. I want to know the shape of the flanges. do they have the little KH symbol still? would the hub be stronger without the KH symbol? I am talking about a solid piece or small circles or something similar. let me know what its shape is.
JOE Campbell

Hey Kris will we can still be able to get the old seat post and use a rail adapter so we can have the ability to slide the seat forward or backward?
I noticed that with a geared 36 in geared mode I found the need to adjust how far forward the seat is otherwise I find myself pulling up on the handlebar very hard to maintain stability.

It seems like parts are starting to become avalible. So has anyone been lucky enough to get a completely new KHU. If so how are they?

notice that I said TI, which is strong.

As I said in the other thread…AWSOME :smiley:

Dam this thread got big fast.

lol, I was going to say…

Aaaw, put a cork in it. Literally
:sunglasses: (or any other cover).

Anything lighter then moments and more durable would cost a lot. If it had a warrenty I’d be all in for it.

Quax CrMo ISIS cranks

100g/pair less than KH Moments

Might aswell do street with freestyle cranks if your thinking of using those. Lol, nah they just look a little weak.

im talking about those:

They are strong. They are like the old ones, just with ISIS.