KH 2008 Uni Product Launch

Should be 454 Gramm including bolts and spacers but im not 100% sure about that.

I saw the KH ti hub today at Bedfords, is it ever sick!

Was it just a cold, or something more like the flu?

More importantly, will it ever get better?

they couldn’t get better, I helds the KH Ti hub at unicon and the weight difference compared to a stock KH hub (which i was holding in the other hand) was amazing.

190 gramm less then the normal KH Hub as far as i know which is really amazing!

Any price on it yet?

numbers around £250 to £300 were being spoken of

Wow, so around US$500 or more.

What we really need is the KH/Schlumpf hub in titanium, because it’s so heavy. I imagine that would be US$2500 or $3000. :astonished:

According to UDC, you add $460 onto any KH that you want to upgrade to Ti. So with the base price of a KH hub being $62 (they only have the 07 up for purchase), the Ti hub should cost $522.

Profile hub with Ti axle and Magnutanium cranks (870g) $384

KH Ti Hub with Onza Tensile cranks (864g) $634

So for $250 dollars more, you only lose 6g. I think I’ll buy myself some Profiles.

If I ever upgrade to Ti I’m getting that one for sure!!! Aren’t profile hubs stronger as well?

Yeah for trials or muni thats fine. But for anyone wanting a lighter set for street, freestyle or distance the profiles are out of the question. 145 is too long

Too long? No.

Remember defect? :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, remember how bloody hard they found it to land a single crankflip?

Nope. I can do it so…

Everything looks cooler on 140-145mm cranks :sunglasses:

Can’t seem to find the spoke length on the current kh trials? 13g, 171mm?

Use this handy spoke length calculator.