Extremely lightweight Ti crankset

Got one today from profile racing.
Orange Profile hub + ti spindle (so freaking sexy!).
Weighs 540grams including (Ti) bolts, washers, and bearings.
Koxx one reinforce is over 700 grams + bearings.

Got the Magnutanium crank arms as well.
145mm, 330 grams. Strong.

Whole assembly weighs less than 900g.

Crankset cost me $490US shipped. I think this is comparible with a Triton frame, but for the hubset;) .

My cromo one (which I sadly destroyed through neglect), was $450 from bedford two years ago. I think I got ripped off major. If you want a set, contact profile… don’t go through a middle man. Profile offers many different colored hubshells, so you can go wild.

Pics will be up when I get the rest of my uni built up.

Sounds radddddddd, cant wait to see pics.

It’s orange like the one shown on UDC, but with a ti spindle!:wink:

Pictures Pictures Pictures Pictures Pictures!

What is this Magnutanium you speak of?

From what I gathered on Profile’s website, it’s just a thinner walled CrMo crankset with a hollow Titanium spindle. Obviously the spindle part being excluded because you only bought the cranks.

Now if they only made them a little bit shorter :frowning:

how much weight savings in contrast with regular Profiles?

I’m curious to know how much weight savings you gain?

How long did it take to order the setup, was Profile ready to ship immediately? I’ve noticed their web site makes no reference to unicycle hubs.

Now, if there was something similar in ISIS…

Still, cool! Waiting for the pictures.

Sounds sweeet :slight_smile:

And nice weight. Will save about 200-300g.

With this hub+cranks and the magnesium rim a uni under 4,5 kg should be possible :slight_smile:

Took three days for them to make it and another four for it to get here.
A normal profile crankset is a little more than 1200grams. This is 890.

Magnesium rims. I don’t think that they will last being 32 hole / and already week. Let others try for now, I spent too much already.

I will get that rim :smiley:

I will let you know if its strong enough haha. If i will break it, it could be still strong enough for you though… i saw you use the Tensiles… i already bent them.

Said before, but gonna say it again: PICTURES :wink:

Peter M

I’m not quite sure why everyone is so hyped up about isis.

Sure, it is a great idea and I am all for a universal spline system, but the actual spline design makes for a weaker link between the hub and the cranks.

That would be kick arse! I would love a Ti spindle for my ISIS hub!

I guarantee there will be one out within the next year or two at the latest.

Care to shed some light?

No comment.

Glad we got that cleared up.:wink:

CrMO for me.