Extremely lightweight Ti crankset

I want to see a picture of your total setup Danni.

Peter M

Please cite your references for this claim… was it a single source or are there multiple papers that arrived at this thesis? …or did you do the research yourself? What sort of analysis tools did you use?

Any update yet Danni? I’d love to see that beast.

me too !!! show us the uni !!!

Ayeeeee! +1

I second this.

Seems like all this talk about “ISIS is stronger no profile is stronger no 10 spline is stronger” is splitting hairs. It’s like the difference between owning a car that has a 450, 460, or 470 horsepower rating. If you really need to use that amount of power, the difference in those horsepower ratings isn’t really going to hold you back one way or the other, for the vast majority of people.

It’s clear that splined setups are the best technology out there. 8-spline, 10-spline, ISIS-spline, profile-spline…they’re all super-strong, and most people won’t ever exert near enough force to bring them to their breaking point.

There is a disproportionately large amount of skilled riders on this forum, who DO break equipment, but of the general population of unicyclists (most of which do NOT frequent the forums), they won’t ever come close (me, for example).

Maybe I’m dumb, but I feel like all this hype over more or less splines is just as much a marketing tool as it is actual stronger technology.

It’s not the number of splines that’s important. ISIS is important because it’s an industry standard, so there are tons of crank possibilities. Profile’s design is impossible to keep tight under MUni use; it doesn’t break any more than other designs, but it creaks all the time.

That’s funny… I’ve got Profiles on both my trials and muni rigs, and I only tighten 'em once a year when I clean & regrease my splines.

And… no creaks… I’ve had these unis for over five years now.

But we all know this must be a fluke, I mean, Tom always speaks the unbiased truth :roll_eyes:

Well, OK, you can use maestro8’s method to avoid having your Profiles creak: just don’t show up for any MUni rides.

I bought some koxx one double butted spokes, only to find out that they are 180mm and are too long. I need to order some more 172mm spokes. I’m also waiting for the new KH08 rim which I hear has off set spoke holes to lace it up.

I still have my nimbus/tensile setup, so there is no hurry.

I bought some koxx one double butted spokes, only to find out that they are 180mm and are too long. I need to order some more 172mm spokes. I’m also waiting for the new KH08 rim which I hear has off set spoke holes to lace it up./QUOTE]

You cut cut and re-thread them, might be quicker and cheaper.

I have the exact same fluke as Tom. I think part of the issue with Profiles is that you have to get them lubed, tight and creak-free from the outset, or you may cause wear & tear that can’t be reversed. Those tiny splines may be more susceptible to that. All I know is that my right crank always had creaking problems despite multiple re-dos by various bike shops. The same has continued through two sets of new cranks I’ve added over the years, including my most recent acquisition of some 160s.

The cranks went on nice and tight (hammer required), unlike the old ones which slipped off. But the right side still creaks. I suspect minor wear to the splines that has accumulated over the years. I don’t think it’s a super-strong right leg, though that is my dominant side.

My first splined unicycle was the first one on the market (1999), the DM ATU. I don’t know offhand how many splines were used, but after one initial tightening of the pinch bolt, those cranks have required zero maintenance and never made any noise.

Yeah my bike shop will cut, rethread them and build the wheel for 25 bucks, an awesome build job too.

we’re still waiting danni :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanna see if this thing actualy has been build up allready :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe nobodys profiles creak because some people ride them harder then the average joe. I remember owning different sets of profiles back in the day and they always creaked, after about a weak of usage creaky creaky creak!

it was funny though because now the bike trials guys had something to get mad at me about ( you know, instead of their squeaky ass brakes you hear all of the time)

Danni where are these pictures budday? im stoked, lets see it!

If he is still waiting until the KH08 rim is available seperately then we may not see pictures until March, unless he worked something out with Pete.

Didint Danni sell it?

EDIT: It was for sale, Garage Sale V2

KH 08 rim: http://www.einradladen.net/shop/show_product.php/cPath/4/products_id/510