Extremely lightweight Ti crankset

I’m pretty sure his uni is almost complete.

He has an 08 rim too.

His uni will be soo cool.


Don’t tees us :roll_eyes:

I blame it on climbing!

I wonder if there was a change made to Profile’s design, and when that change might have been made. I got my Profiles sometime in 2004 and have been riding the hell out of them, and only regreasing them once every year or two. Still no creaks.

Shouldn’t you be in bed with a cold or something?

Both Kris Holm and John Long were climbers before they were unicyclists. Proof that climbing > unicycling. :wink:

Oh don’t worry; tomorrow I’ll climb first, and sneeze on my hands right before I hear “on belay”.

Shouldn’t it be the other way around? If climbing were so great, then they wouldn’t have needed to try unicycling.

But climbing just wasn’t good enough so they moved on!

I’m actually in the process of teaching two climbers how to unicycle.

Where is Danni ? he hasnt posted for ageeeesssss…

Hopefully riding!

Ti cranks are known for bending right? I thought I heard that.

Is danni’s set up lighter than the kh ti?