Kh 08

When do the 08 Khs come out?

Later. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kris has said multiple times on this forum that he releases things when they are ready, not by year. I’d suggest you email him if you want exact information (or as exact as he’d give you).


I might try that thanks.:slight_smile:

i emailed him and he said that they are not going to be white like some people said.

I hope they’re blue still, just to bother people.

Oh really, Darren told me white. But maybe it won’t be white or blue.

I heard they will be purple… and will have an integrated seatclamp and will be longneck (like 7 cm longer than now)

Just kidding, spreading weird rumors haha

Hahaha, yeah, that’d be cool.


Thanks for the interest. As before, I release new stuff when it’s ready, and I can’t announce before-hand because so often things get delayed at the last minute. Someday the pace of development in this sport will slow enough to only release new stuff once a year like in the bike industry, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Regarding colors: the frames will be the trademark KH blue, except for one frame under development that I can’t talk about yet. There are a few good reasons for this. The main one is branding. For 99% of the market including all bikeshops, high-end unicycles are only just starting to emerge as a viable product. The KH brand is the world’s most recognizable high-end brand, and dealers need the confidence that their customers will walk into a shop and recognize these unicycles as the best ones from across the room. Consistent use of color helps a lot with that. For the same reason, most big mainstream brands use consistent colors (think Home Depot orange, IBM blue, etc.).

The second significant reason is that most mainstream distributors are barely willing to carry multiple models, let alone multiple colors on a single model. I’d like to see the KH unis in lots of shops in every country in the world, which means that I need to make it as simple and easy for them as possible. So for these reasons I’ll stick for now with the color everyone knows best.

Of course, none of this stops anyone from customizing once you own it. Some of the custom unis out there are really cool.



A new secret frame!?

Dude, THAT’S what I’m saving up for when I can walk again!

Hmm, is it a 26" or a street specific frame perhaps?

go street specific!

Do you have an idea of when you will be able to talk about it? :stuck_out_tongue:

How could it be any more street specific then it is now?

Round off the crown on the frame. I know plenty of street riders incorporate freestyle into the street lines. But, this would make it a specific street unicycle.

I hit my knees ALOT on the sqaured off frames, hurts like hell. Plus it would be stronger would it not?

street cranks for pedal grabs and grinding.

Like the one’s koxx one has

Anyway, the KH isnt specialy designed for street. Its more of a hybrid.

That would be cool if the street uni would be set up with a bmx-like wheel, so that it would be lighter but still strong. I dont think the frame should be rounded. I guess it could have slightly less clearance, but that hardly even matters.

regarding the cranks on a street uni, though im not sure about this, but i think not having q factor would probably help for flipping the cranks. Having tubular cranks may also have such an effect.

Though i must say, the 07 trials is pretty pro for street as it is.

If they were to release a street specific it should have less clearance, a reinforced seatpost, a stronger seatbase (either carbon fiber or just a thick seatplate) a stronger neck would be nice, as well as a more knee friendly crown. Just my take on it (Maybe I’ll just make myself one :D)