KH 2008 Uni Product Launch

Well for every kh unicycle it sais it has stronger rims…

YAY! A choice of a long neck frame or standard!

ALl the new stuff sounds awesome. Just what people wanted. I just bought a KH frame, but it was relitively cheap, I prefer a short neck, and I can’t see myself breaking it.

i don’t really understand the doublecrown idea… picture anyone?
is it basically a wider top to the frame, in which the seat tube sits more solidly?

is there really a point?
that is freakin amazin tho.
i think you have designed the truly unbreakable hub.

seems like overkill but awesome nonetheless!

read post 88 and 100:

ok, i am curious to see KH’s twist on that now.

Your right, it is a good idea to improve a stellar product, with more expensive parts… Brilliant!

how about a titanium seat stiffener, or some ACTUAL improvement to the seat strength.

I was hoping the seat would be changed to a scott wallis sort of design so it takes bike posts.Scott wallis doesnt ship overseas anymore :frowning:

Yeah sounds like a lot of cool stuff, but I’m kind of dissapointed there’s nothing being done for seat strength. It’s kind of sad that there’s only two options: repeatedly break stock seats, or go through a lot of trouble and expense to put together your own CF base saddle or other custom setup.

Pretty sure Bedford sells pre-drilled CF bases with hardware, and of course there’s also a Wallis Derail base.

Well, its not hard to imagine. You saw the tripple crown frame, now just take one of those crowns off. Taduh!

What ? no KH 36 with a geared Ti hub ?

Well, I might just sit on my money until next year LOL !:slight_smile:

Overall, I am impressed with the lots of little fixes. Not many frame seat tubes broke at the crown, but it is apparent that Kris wasn’t so happy with that vid of how one broke in a minor fall. Surely the result of earlier cracks, but the new design almost allows us to see Kris cringe a bit looking at that vid. :wink: The thicker machined down new frame seat tube will add cost, but shows the seriousness of the brand.:slight_smile:

I also applaud the inclusion of the twisted PC pedals. KH can buy these pedals, in thousand lots, wholesale, and toss in a set to each buyer, while having to raise the cost of the uni by only about 5 ish $. This is a great way to give buyers a good deal on a popular pedal, while also introducing the pedal to new riders. Also not creating the impression (falsely) that a 730 gr pedal is state of the art.:slight_smile:

The trail mix pedals, although not as suited to grinding rocks down as a hobby, are a lot lighter then the old JC’s. I think having a good looking set of metal pedals is important to promoting sales in bicycle show rooms. So the inclusion of both sets of pedals seems good IMHO.:slight_smile:

This raises a question that I don’t have the right scale to answer.

The old JC pedals weighed 1.6 lbs a pair. 730 grams. Those were some heavy pedals !

My '07 KH 20 was advertised as 12 lbs. , a good selling point against the competition. Was that with the 1.6 lb JC’s ?

So is the '08 KH, with the PC pedals now advertised at 11 lbs. ?

I only ask because I am a long time observer of the motorcycle industry. Well aware of the value of low claimed weight to increase sales, no trick of measurement, or mild lying is beyond the big four. They all say their bikes weigh less then they actually do. :roll_eyes:

I think for a new unicycle, the weight without pedals would be most informative.

It seems Kris is clear that the frames are unchanged , except for the seat tube strengthening. I was just curious how the advertised uni weight is calculated.

wonderful Kris - Now we need a lovely titanium frame from one of the tried-and-trusted unicycle brands to go with this lovely titanium hub!

am I the only one looking forward to the 36" the most?

Don’t hold out on us… :wink: I wanna know about the mystery #11.

I think it’s just a typo :wink:

No way… :wink: in that case I think he should make something more. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Enough smileys this time? :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: no i want it bad to:)