2008 Kh20?

Hey I wanna know if they are coming out with a 2008 model of the KH20 and if so when are they doing it?

i would also like to know, because i need to buy a frame soon.

Yes, Kris probably is. But, he wont release any details, or when its comming out until it comes out. Hes said that before. Read some previous posts by him.

A lot of people want to know :), myself too. I would like to buy one, but I know that the frames are going to break the same as the old ones, and the rims are gonna split if their drilled. You can buy a lot of other stuff thats better, but thats just my opinion.

In this thread there are a couple posts from Kris Holm himself. His username is Danger_uni.

Ok thanks because I’m probably gunna by a KH20 soon and I would be super pissed if a week after I bought it a newer model came out.

I’m sure Kris has his secrets

Maybe not all the stuff he works on he ends up liking enough to put into production. Or he really doesn’t know how long it might take to set up production, and deliver something new. Keeping quiet reduces the number of people asking him about stuff he can’t sell yet.:wink:

In the past, once something has actually been produced and in the pipeline, Kris has written posts about these new things, a few months before they are available. I remember reading about the '07’s , and the KH-shlumph hub, for some months before they were available. Next I think we are all waiting for the KH 36, that is supposed to show up this month I think.:slight_smile:

So I would be surprised if there are any radical changes in store for the KH 20 this year. It would be difficult to make it much better then it is now and keep the cost reasonable. So a new '09 KH , if one is produced, would be an incremental improvement on the 07. For instance, the 05 and 07 KH frames are the same. The chance of an all new radically improved KH 20 going on sale this year is about zero IMHO. Maybe some tiny unimportant change, like different pedals.

So go ahead and buy a KH now, don’t worry about a better one going on sale later.:slight_smile:

If you do buy a KH

You might wanna email A E Bike, and tell them you are from the forum and you want to know what the promotional price is. Last I read, they can be had there for about 415 $, and AEB ships cheap and has a good reputation.


KH20 Longneck frame, as the rumor goes.

KH 20 somewhat longneck. From what I remember hearing, the frame was longer but not what most people would consider a longneck. Basically just long enough to leave some room for moving around.

Dude, you make it sound like KH frames are really weak. How many have broken? 10, 20? Out of how many have been sold and not broken they are very strong, once you get up to a certain point of riding though no matter what kind of equipment you use will break, just from the force. KH frames and parts aren’t weak, they are probably 10x stronger and higher quality than most of the other frames out there. You make it sound as if it is inevitable.


It sounds like banana kitten’s post was based solely on marcus collings’ pictures and mentions of a cracked frame and drilled rim.