Kh 08

guys, he said there is a new frame, not model of uni. i agree with Luke, the Kh frame cant get any more street specific. perhaps a BD2 style reinforced crown, but i think thats about it

I know, we’re just stirring the idea pot around.

In that case…

I wonder if its going to be flaming, or curvy or something. Its going to have rockets on it, and shoot flames. its gonna weigh about .000001lbs. its going to define trials HA HA. a nice thin trials frame.

Maybe a trials frame like the XTP??? :astonished:

ewwwwwwww no way. IMO…ugly…and not good for anything but trials…make it a little diverse…

It’s Ugly but the XTP is one of the best trials frames around here… and the KH standart frame is very “hybrid”… So he can make a special trials frame…

Let’s wait to see… :smiley:


You may find it ugly, I like it (but not the retail price).
Everyone has his own opinion I geuss.

Peter M

If KH were to make a street specific uni, I’d stay w/ the same type of frame but w/ a little more clearance and a 20" version of the current rim w/ a 20 X 2.5 bald tire! everything else could stay the same, but maybe w/ the reinforced seatpost or seatbase like someone mentioned. Those things would fly off the shelves! (or the internet I guess haha). As for the frame itself, I don’t think know what could be much better (even though I’ve never actually ridden one)… maybe a little less clearance or weight I suppose :slight_smile:

I am more interested in a new muni because thats what I am waiting to get. I’ll save up my money until they come out. Can’t wait:)

yeah :roll_eyes: and i heard they’ll be bright pink. :roll_eyes:

pink with purple dots! :astonished:

Purple dots with smaller dots inside of a slightly darker shade of purple…or so the legend goes :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont think the frame should be rounded.


Like I said, its a hybrid.

Like I said, its a hybrid

Ummm…any news? Updates? Anything?

He should make the rim tape and hub black so if you only PC the frame the hub won’t stick out as much.

But then for people who don’t want to Pc their frame the hub will stand out… :wink: :roll_eyes: .

The rim, spokes, tube, post, and seat are all black

i think oarnge would look cool. White would to,

but since there coming out in blue u could just get it powder coated i gess

I’ve found a lot of people seem to have a problem with the KH blue colour on this forum.
I’ve never seen an elusive KH in person, because I’m poor and have no unicycling friends, but I don’t think it looks too bad in the pictures. Not uber cool, but still good.