is this a new trick?

I landed something that i have been trying to do for ages. the trick starts with a jump and mid-air you take your feet off after pushing the front pedal, the wheel will then do a complete rotation and last landing with your feet in the same position as they started.

Re: is this a new trick?

I demand that you change your title to something other than “Unicycling Newbie” immediately.

Yeah, Sick Trickster or something like that. Nice one dude.

video it and post it, I’m curious to see this “new” trick, sounds pretty ill though man, even if it ain’t new it’s pretty impressive

I think its a variation of what they do on bikes, Something X that i can remember, somebody will know the name of it.


I remember something like that on a bike being called a “kickflip” like on a sakteboard. Only instead of a board, the cranks spin. Lame on a bike, awesome on a unicycle!

Yeah, I knda got the idea from seeing bmx videos, and seeing how technical skateboard tricks are getting. I want to come up with more stuff that incorpirates jumping and uni movement.

It seems to me that every sport started with simple stuff and as those sports grew, more and more technical tricks evolved. For example, I saw an early 80’s? bmx video called GTV (a play off of GT bikes), and many of the tricks reminded me of uni tricks.

The kickflip is so different from any other unicycle trick, for that reason it might be some thing that a person who dosen’t have alot of the base tricks down might be able to learn it. like how it is hard for a person who can’t wheel walk to learn how to glide.

I believe that I have seen someone do this. It is a really cool trick though.

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Hahaha this is hilarious because this morning before school i thought of this trick and was going to work on it when i got home but u beat me to it. but i think what unicycling needs more of is names for tricks!! So what do u call it? No footed crank flip?
O ya i believe the bike trick name is a german crank flip.

no footed crank flip? that sucks so bad, if you’re gonna name your trick make it snappy and kool not no footed crank flip!

Nah, its gotta be original, something that has nothing to do with the trick.

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Let me be first to suggest boring descriptive names. I like boring descriptive names for tricks, not because they’re boring but so they are understandable without seeing them done. This is important not only so people can figure out what we’re talking about, but also because it translates better into other languages.

Crank flip works, but we can’t flip our cranks without flipping the entire wheel. How about wheelspin? We don’t use that for any other tricks. A unispin is where you’re in the air and the unicycle spins around a vertical axis. A wheelspin can be where the wheel spins “the regular way” while it’s off the ground. Keeping it a single word will make it easier to add it to more complex tricks, like a 360 of a picnic table with a double reverse wheelspin.

There was a little guy from Panther Pride who did something similar at the Unicon 11 Open-X competition. He rode up to a chair and stepped briefly on it as he passed by, while giving his wheel a half turn in the reverse direction. As I recall he didn’t have it totally down, so it may have taken him several tries in the competition. What was his name?

Nik Caffroy, and I think he deserves major credit for the (footplant crankflip), I cant think of what he called it after he landed it.

Here is its brief story. Dan Heaton and I where riding one night and he brought the idea up. I think he said that he got the idea from Adam Rysnar. we where trying it for a while but coulden’t do it. A few weeks later Dan, Nik, and I where riding. Dan was telling him about it and the little jerk landed it on his second try, planting off of a knee high concrete ledge. Dan has it on film. it turned out pretty good. he almost landed it after a 180 off the ledge. Now that I think of it Dan posted it in the gallery on this site I think it was titled North Bend Street and Trials. It would have been posted the summer before last.

since that day Nik and I have tried to do it without the aid of a ledge but could never land it. I am sure his way will look cooler when he finally lands it because he flips the cranks backwards, (as opposed to me flipping the cranks forewards).

Nik is comming up with some awesome tricks, the half rev (jump and pedal half a revolution in the air), the rev (same thing but with a full revolution), I have seen him land a 180 half rev. it’s sooo crazy both unicycler and unicycle do a 180 in the air as he pedals a half revolution.
(Nik is the correct spelling of his name)

correction, it was 360 half rev

Is’nt there nobody out there who has a picture of the legendary half wheeled unicycle? On that on you had to ride like this.

If I get the honor of naming it, I like how crank flip sounds. The central part of the trick is crank position. Crank flip was the proposed name a year or so ago, at the time I liked kick flip but it seems kinda taken.

the glove compartment, isn’t accurately named.
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Re: is this a new trick?

On Tue, 11 May 2004 19:36:12 -0500, “leo” wrote:

>Is’nt there nobody out there who has a picture of the legendary half
>wheeled unicycle? On that on you had to ride like this.

Only it didn’t have to be no-footed.

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i have also been trying this trick. i was hoping to throw one out down a set this year maybe. i think dan heaton has tried it a bit as well. we have been referring to it as a crank flip as well. so i think thats the best name for it. its simple and understandable, plus its already in use by a lot of people. go get it on film, id love to see it.


Yeah, that is definately a future goal for me. it seems like all the hopping tricks in the unicycle world require no foreward movement. once more stuff like the crankflip get invented and conqured, unicycling will have alot more appeal to joe public. people might stop relating unicycling with clowns and the circus and other various childerens entertainment.

anyway back to the quote. when I was learning the crankflip, i thought it would be easier to land off of a tiny drop like a one footer, because you spend more time int the air. when i tried it off of small drops, I found a problem. the pre-esablished fear fo the cranks rotating beneath you was mixed with the fear of 12 inches between you and the ground. Im not a wimp but whenever i attempted this the uni ended up way out in front of me. I think that now that I have landed it a few times on flat gound, I might be able to muster up the balls to try it off a drop. then its on to the stair casses!

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Is this the trickI’ve seen that’s shot through a fish eye lens? Guy on a black uni with Green Miyata seat? Looks really cool if it’s what I’m thinking of, any links would be much appreciated.

Wheel spin’s not a good name, as it generally refers to the wheel spinning without traction underneath the vehicle doesn’t it? Would be confusing! I have to beg no-one names any tricks with really stupid names like Mizou and Mistral etc. And that no-one uses the term “fakie” in unicycling! I just couldn’t stand it!