Crankflip's 3 year anniversary!

Three years from yesterday this thread was started.

Thanks Mike. It’s been a good three years.

-Shaun Johanneson

Good call. I was on the phone with you Shaun when we thought of the date of when this happened…It has been nice. Many more tricks to be advanced. Thanks Mike and thank you Shaun for both advancing the sport.


Thanks Shaun. That was very cool reading. If I hadnt started landing them last week I would be outside in the dark riding right now.:smiley:

Hah, a 360 double backflip!

wow i actually remember that thread.

3 years seems so long ago.

Those were the good ol’ days. I can’t believe I’ve been riding for Five years.

Ha now its like; u can crankflip? learn to ride then come talk to me

yeah maybe one day i will learn to crankflip. then i will have passed initiation and then i will be a true unicyclist.

So it has been 3 years. There has been a tripleflip. By May 08’ a quadflip will have to go down.


Better start soon Kelly.

Haha I hear that. Also, if I wouldn’t of learned flips, i probably wouldn’t be riding today.


wow, they saved unicycling when they learned that trick I guess.
So wht was big back then, groovy lol jk cool back then, compared to now, who did it first, i dont see a vid on there.
Id like to see the vid.

Big back then was the crankflip down the 6 in Defect…first one I saw anyways…well the first one I knew about… still good size set for todays riding.


Even though I watched Kelly flip an 8 last saturday. :slight_smile: