is this a new trick?

you must be thinking of something else, their is no traction underneath the vehicle, as both rider and unicycle are in the air.

onetrack -
Up their OWS says generally. I don’t think he was refering to a uni trick. He was saying how its already used with cars and bikes and stuff.

I think that is the guy. I watched it like 14 times straight in a row and the sound annoyed the hell out a me. I’ll try and find it.


Found it. Right in the middle.


yeah, the rider’s name is Nik Caffroy. for the srory behind the clip read the first page of this thread towards the bottom after John’s post.

sorry, my mistake. on my last post

I’ve always heard the similar BMX trick referred to as a 360 crankturn. I think flip sounds better though.

sorry dude. but backwards riding is fakie. people are already using the term. ive hopped a couple small sets fakie, and dan heaton has done some fakie stuff in universe 2. haha too bad man. but when names already come out, theres not much you can do. i don’t like the term unispin, but theres no way to stop it. or koosh-koosh… i wish we got rid of that name.


undertaker, tailwhip, funcky chicken, McCircles, flair, surfing, tire-tap…
No BMX is clear…

But that koosh-koosh, I always wondered where this name came from?

How do you do a “Kooosh Koosh?” What is it?


That sounds pretty awesome. The closest thing I’ve seen to it is someone did a rolling hop onto something, but took his feet off and let the wheel spin 360, then did a jump mount off of the obstacle.
But yours is like 10 billion times as cool.

Re: is this a new trick?

On Wed, 12 May 2004 20:02:20 -0500, “leo” wrote:

>But that koosh-koosh, I always wondered where this name came from?

Allegedly from the sound that your shoe soles make while they scuff
the tyre.

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be sure to remove the saddle and simply sit on the seat post. this is far more comfortable - tennisgh22 on the comfort of Savage unis

I cant believe it but i actually landed this trick after a billion trys, i do it the backwards rotation way. Tomorrow ill get some video of it. Maybe someone else can post a video of it cause ive never actually seen it done, also onetrack this post was a pretty long time ago have you or your friend Nik landed it down any drops or stairs yet?

Brian Lundgren

This is koosh-koosh.

Wow, nice work. I got plans on landing this trick as it looks awesome in the video I’ve seen. Out of interest how long have you been unicycling, and what tricks can you do… just so I get an idea of how good people have to be to do it. Eg. for tricks: unispins (180, 360?) and suicide mounts? Mainly tricks that require you to be completely off the unicycle and then go straight back onto the pedals.


I got the crank flip on film check dis rizzle out Its under “crank flip” and make sure your speakers are turned up all the way.

Ok robbie, i dont think suciide mounts or uni spins helped me out at all. I can do a standard sucidide mount and just a 180 unispin. What helped me out wa 1 footers and no footer and back revs.
Ill give you some tips.

Step 1" change to plastic pedals this helped me out alot
Step 2 Learn to do a 1 footer, i cant give good tips on this i guess you kinda just have to do it
step 3 learn a no footer- the only tip i can give you for this is to pause a little bit before you do it so the cranks dont flip
Step 4 learn how to do a back half rev
Step 5 learn to do a 1 footed back half rev this sounds hard but if you can 1footer like what I told you to do in step 2 than its fairly simple
Step 6 Now its time for the tricky stuff. You want to do a back 180 crankflip now all you have to do for this is to do a back 1 footed half rev except take your other foot off.
step 7 once you have mstered that give it a little more push with your other foot and make sure the uni stays under you thats the hardest part.

Keep with it and dont give up unless of course you fall and you get minorly injured then of course you have to give up

Hmm maybe some people have some better tips than these jenky ones.

-Brian Lundgren

I made slo-motions of it…
in flash
in media-player (streaming over mms:// -don’t be scared of posible messages from your firewall-)
in quicktime
in real

uniextreme, may I have your permission to really publish them on

Of course leo!!

But none of those seem to be working, I go to your site and it just gives the quicktime design on a screen?

Brian Lundgren

Wowzers the flash player did work and it looks so much better in slow motion!!! I would love it if you added it to your website.

-Brian Lundgren

Okay, thanks again. Well I rather ask. You’ll find it at page “freestyle” under “stationary”.
I did the same (slow-motion) for the footplant at page “muni” under “street”.

Looks like you have either a slow connection (or at least to abroad), or do not have very recent players. I did’nt use any ackward compression or DivX.

Wow… your good. Okay, so I’m still a long way off doing it. How long have you been riding for? I got this idea in my mind you havn’t been riding long, but judging by what you can do it seems as though you must have been riding for a while? Have I got the wrong person or have you actually been riding for a short amount of time?

Also I think I would actually be pushing with my front foot, as it would feel more natural to me and this is the only way I’d be able to do it if I wanted to do the footplant to crankflip. Onetrack does it this way I think, so it’s gotta be possible, maybe just a little harder. But yeah, because I’d want to push with my front foot I guess I should be learning how to get a full rev down.

Ive been riding for a month now maybe a month and a half…haha that would be crazy ive been riding for a little over 2 years. hmm i cant help you with the front rotation way that sounds interesting I like to call that the “loser way” haha kidding again. Anyhow maybe with step # 4 learn to do a front half rev instead of a back than change things from there.

Dont forget about the plastic pedals either!!