is this a new trick?

Impressive riding. You should film a video.


Where? I don’t see it in any magazines, unicycle books, rules, vidoes, or official anything. I don’t think fakie works for unicycling. It’s better for sports where going backwards isn’t normal. Unicycles are made to go backward as easily as forward. They may sound boring, but the official names are backward and forward.

Names can be changed. Just got to convince enough people, including the IUF rules people. What would you replace those names with? Unispin worked in its time, but if more similar types of tricks are coming along, it might be too general to be meaningful.

Koosh-koosh always gets brought up when we talk about trick names, because it’s one of the few that has a “nonsense” name rather than a descriptive one. Actually the name is a sample of onomatopoeia. Look that one up.

Koosh-koosh needed a name to differentiate it from “Wheel walk backward 1 foot, behind frame.”
That trick is harder than the koosh (and worth more points), because in koosh-koosh your front foot is used as a wheel stop. In that ugly-named (but translatable) trick above, the other foot is not allowed to touch the wheel.

For further boring detail, that trick was actually the downfall of a rider from Germany back in 1994 (I think). She lost the Standard Skill by only a point or two, having gotten zero for having #28c on her score sheet, and doing #28a. Her coach Sammy Hellwig was really mad, but the rider understood once we’d explained the difference.

Very impressive uniextreme!

Why do plastic pedals help so much? Is it because they are less grippy than metal pedals with pins?

For learning 1-footers do you take off your leading/chocolate foot? Have you tried taking off the other foot? It seems that when you do the 1-footers with bkwd half rev on yr video that you take your favoured foot off, then land with non-favoured foot forward. Also is it possible to learn these 1-footers on flat land (ie without having to do them off drops)?


I just discovered a way to be non-decriptive just call them use the codes e.q. “#28c”, then RSU wont be flooded with discusions about the least-decriptive name, or a neverending stream of newbee FAQ’s about them.
In case you’d still like to confuse start using non-excisting codes, decimals, or math.

Okay, this was quasi-serious… but what about this:

The standard skill list is pretty small to all what you can do on a unicycle.
And we recently had the hidden anounce that open-x / artistic freestyle will be replaced by “street” without having a “flatland” substitute. What about expanding the standard skill list unlimited AND make a opening in the competition for executing non-listed skills, which then -on approval of active competing riders?- should be added to this list after each UNICON.

Just an idea.
Please post follow up’s here.

Hey Tony,
I think plastic work better because they are so light weight. But when i was first learning 1 footers I tried with medal primos but had alot of trouble but then swithced to plastic and i found it to be easier. After im done typing this im goin to try some with some medal pedals on again.

I dont think I do a half rev in that clip? I take off the foot thats oppisite to my chocolate foot which is my front right foot and my back left is my chocolate foot. And land in my regular position.
Also yes it is completely possible to learn 1 footers on flat ground! Thats where I learned how to do them. Ill get back to you after I try the medal pedals.

ahh the good old days.

anyone remember this conversation?

interesting how quickly this one became big huh.

the crankflip is 2 years old

I have read this thread before when i first joined. Wow, THANK YOU MIKE


haha that is cool … so im attempting to learn it 2 years after it was invented
coolness :slight_smile:

No, cause I’m sure many others (including me) invented this skill long before it was done.

I heard it was done rolling (pressure) in like the late 90’s. But i’ve never heard of it being done complete aired. IT makes sense that no one would do something so hard and not post it, or be that good wihtout any “outside” motive (hench this site), so anyone that good would have to be known.

p.s. ignoring freestyle because clubs teach that, this is street.

-Shaun J

Lol it all seems like a common thought now.

im surprised that noone said somat like
“you idiot this will never catch on!”

hehehe. holy thread revival.

crankflips will never catch on, you guys are crazy. Crazy kids and your unicycles

they never will catch on…

I thought this was actualy a new trick at first… :frowning: after reading it i am like, this is a crankflip, then i looked at the date it was posted…

holy! a new trick! coooool!

Yeah… at first I thought this was some kinda joke. Like someone was making fun of the “new trick” noobs (aka those who think they made a new trick but its really old). Then… I checked the date and was like HEY WOW and then saw it was mike and yeah… I swear, this trick LITERALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. haha.

edit: post 777 :slight_smile:

So onetrack is the Mike Clark guy Shaun J talks about in his tutorial?

I’m surprised this trick is so new.