Introducing... (the bar has been set)

So this has been a long time coming…

Thanks to Jakob’s Flansberrium frames, I was introduced to the world of fat tired Unicycling and found that I much preferred the fat tire.

One day while riding this winter though, me and Fugsworth saw a tire track in the snow that was the most massive thing I’ve ever seen in my life (on single track). It could only be one thing… a 4.8" tire (Lou).

I didn’t think much of it then, but subconsciously my brain squirreled that moment away in my head.

Before long, I was looking at fat bikes on MTBR and became fully immersed in the culture. While drooling over bikes (as well as unicycles), I stumbled over a thread by a gentlemen testing a Vee Rubber prototype tire.

This was reputed to be the largest tire ever produced, with the first ones measuring a whopping 5.65"! The 5" barrier had been demolished!

When the tires went to production, Vee scaled back the size to 5.05, but still larger than anything out there currently. Rumor has it that they will run the 5.65 in the future and market it as a 3XL.

So anyways, long story short, here is the Vee Snowshoe 2XL 5.05" tire in the only unicycle frame that will fit it currently.

Since Jakob wasn’t making frames at the time, I asked Walt Wehner form Waltworks to build it and he did a smokin’ job (I’m sorry Jakob! I couldn’t wait!)

Anyway I love it.

Last picture is compared to a Bud.

Also, to those that turn this into a “Fatties are impractical” thread, don’t. I’ve devoted the last year of Muni to riding a fatty and will never ever again ride anything less than 4". What works for you works for you, and what works for me everybody else should be doing :roll_eyes: .

Edit: Damn phone turned my pitchers. Deal with it.


Oh, and about the Bud…

That was Fugsworth’s idea. Seems like everybody is riding on a Lou (on unicycles) and the Bud is way underrated. The lateral tread blocks seemed like they should want to roll straight and boy did they.

For a 4.8" tire, it was amazing and nearly kept me from getting the snowshoe. It really was fantastic.

So if you have an Oregon (Chet) get a Bud for it.

How is the clearance around the knee? The conundrum is really comfy to ride, but it’s tight. The 100mm spacing (actually smaller) and the fat tire, combined with the low q factor ventures, and I’ve hit the back of my knee a few times.

Rolling a fatty…Hmmm, seems like a nice idea. Seriously, if you want to convert more people to fat tire unicycling, please explain what kind of riding you like to do, what the trail conditions are, etc. It’s easy to say that setup is a matter of personal taste, but when you dig a bit deeper, you find that different riders deal with different geographic conditions. Like riding on the snow. Sounds like a blast, and I can see how a fat tire is good for that purpose. Slogging up a steep hill, on the other hand…oops, I’ve been warned not to turn this into a “fat tires are totally impractical” thread. Anyhoo, congratulations on pushing the envelope. The sport gets more interesting because of people like you.

That is a very nice looking build Killian ! Kudos !!

There is only the build specs missing for some uni p*rn :smiley: (and big drooling… :stuck_out_tongue: ).

But fat tyres are SOOO impractical! :roll_eyes:

Epic build, will your frame fit the 5.65" size once that eventually comes out too? :smiley:

Whoa! That looks just… floaty :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen the announcement about the tire, but I still haven’t seen it in person! But I’m sure a client where I work will get one at some point :slight_smile:

Great work from Waltworks! Looks nice and simple! I’m getting back, working on prototypes at the moment… hint hint hint hint :roll_eyes:

Knee clearance is definitely tight. Typically when I’m riding the frame sit’s behind the leg and the backs of my knees tend to rub fairly regularly, but never hit hard. If the trail is smooth, I can ride without any rubbing at all as I just bow my legs a bit. I am riding with a 125mm hub.

I’ll begin by saying that my comment on ‘everybody should do what I do’ was tongue in cheek and a lighthearted jab at some of the posters on this and other forums.

I’ve ridden my fat tires on anything from pavement to every kind of single track and obviously snow.

Your post proves my point exactly, riders deal with different geographic conditions and feel comfortable on different setups. So as I said, it is a matter of personal preference.

I’m not trying to convert anyone to anything. I don’t care if you ride fat tires or unicycle at all. My post was simply to show that there is now a frame out there that will fit the current biggest tire out there.

The reason I said not to turn this into a “fat tires are impractical thread” is because we already know that. It’s been discussed to death and we don’t need to do it again. They work for my tastes and I enjoy them.

Unicycling is impractical.

Specs are as follows:

Walt Works frame
Weinmann 3" (75mm) rim, double wall from ChoppersUS (excellent customer service)
DT Swiss spokes
Nimbus super wide ISIS hub (non-disk)
KH 137/165 spirit’s
TRP Spyre brake
Wellgo MG-1 pedals
KH Adjustable seatpost
KH double bolt seat clamp
KH Freeride seat un flattened

Example of typical single track terrain that I’m riding with this uni.

Bud mounted (pre Snowshoe 2XL).

That’s a great shot! It almost looks like you’re riding a car tire!

Cost breakdown and total all-in cost? (Most of us can probably scrounge in our spare parts bin for some of the stuff).

Can you provide links to: rim and tire?

Fat tires makes this equivalent to what normal size tire? A 29?

Cost breakdown will be tricky as I’ve been sitting on this for a couple of months now but from what I remember it was:

Frame: $400
Rim: $85
Tire: $150
Spokes & Nipples: ~$30
Hub: $95
Brake (Including lever, starfighter, and mount): ~$130
Seatpost: $35
Saddle: $75
Cranks: $120
Pedals: $50

Grand total: ~$1170

+10% because stuff always ends up being more expensive than it is on paper.

I think I remember reading that these tires have an overall diameter of around 32".


Unicycling is impractical.


Yep. For me, unicycling is about fun and challenge.

Looks like your having a blast on that down hill trail :slight_smile:

Go Killian Go :smiley:

Ouch, I could get a fat bike for $1170! Decision, decisions… Maybe we can get a group buy to drop the cost? Sure looks like a sweet ride – it must eat up terrain.

Looks like the rim is powdered coated to match the frame? Are you running tubeless?

The rim was powder coated to match. It’s not tubeless at the moment but the snowshoe fit very tightly and I will be going tubeless.

FWIW I have an ice cream truck ops that I like, but this is still more fun to me.

Thanks guys.

:astonished: tire being the 2nd most expensive part of the build and it’s not even tubular!

Awesome looking build and unicycle. I’ll be curious to see how you fair on snow

Hey Killian -
Did you happen to weight that Snowshoe tire and if so can you post the weight?

I’m curious how it compares to my 1590 gram Lou.

No I didn’t weigh it. It’s going to be heavier than a bud and lou.

Does the guy riding the plane tire post here? I’m in dire need of a similar setup.

Any thoughts on rim width with this setup? An 80mm rim vs a 100mm rim like the Surly Clown Shoe? How would the ride differ? Better or worse?

Also, the Surly My Other Brother Darryl looks pretty cool for an 80mm rim!

I should have pictures sometimes soon… just waiting on those tires to come in :wink:

I’m debating between 80mm and 100mm rim. I’m waiting to get the tire to install it on both rims. I’ll get measurements and pictures!