I Need a Bell for my T7

I’m in the market for a bell to mount on my t7 on my coker. I’ve checked the LBS and Wal-mart, but neither have what I’m looking for.

I want the traditional “brringggdinggg” sound. The traditional, round, steel bicycle bell. The one where you push the lever. Not the “ding” bell or anything with plastic, eyeballs, or flowery leopard patterns.

I’m a little uncomfortable shouting at people in my way when riding around campus…mostly because it tends to anger them.

Is there any brand in particular that I should look for or particular place I should order from?

I don’t know why you’re worried about a brand for a bell that goes “brringggdinggg” but if anyone has links that would be nice. Last year at Moab I came away with, as a prize, a little bike bell that goes “Ding!” It’s nice and small, but braindead users of my local bicycle path need something a little bigger than ding. I want bells for my other Coker but I haven’t shopped the Web yet and I’m open to suggestions…

Has a lot of them.
I think most LBS would have ones aswell.

the ratchet type bells are pretty big and more susceptible to damage, i have a sprung hammer (ding) bell on mine and if you hit it repeatedly you can get a good noise out of it.

I got a drrrriiinggggg!!! bell when I entered the London Freewheel cycle day and have that fitted on my T7. It’s survived a few hard UPDs, although will occasionally throw off it’s top, but is easy enough to put back together (as long as you know where it ended up!

Most shops here in the UK have them, including those that aren’t really known for cycle spares, so I’m sure you should be able to track one down over there.


i had one of those bells on one of my bikes, but i dont have any bikes any more, just unicycles!! i want one of them clown horn things like a trumpet but you squeese it, that would deffinetly get their attention:D

In my opinion, the standard driiing! bells help the whole “ha, you’ve got half a bike” thing, so I like to take it to another “extreme”: the clown stereotipization. I have the horn with the classic clownish sound. Circusey but cool

Yeah thats the type I want, I saw one on the local market last week, but didnt have the money.:frowning: So i will wait and get one.:smiley:

Would talking to people instead of shouting at them be an option? If people are in your way, they use to be quite close to you, so a low and friendly voice will be good enough. A loud and unexpected “brringggdinggg” may scare in first place and then anger people as well.

People tend to notice me before I get a chance to use my horn:o But when I do…it’s crazy :roll_eyes:

i like those old-fashion bells which u spin instead of push a “button”

Haha, I’m not really concerned about the brand, I would just like that particular sound.

I generally do use a “low and friendly voice” when asking people to move out of the way, but it rarely has the correct response. Usually people will either turn around and look at me or jump in my way. I think the familiar sound of the bike bell might work better.

EDIT: When I first started unicycling, I mounted one of those horns to my learner uni. That didn’t go over so well with anyone.

This may be getting a bit off topic, but Joe Marshall told me about this YouTube clip a few weeks ago. It’s a Japanese pedestrian with a bike bell attached to his thumb, and it shows the power of a drrrriiingggg sound!


See, they respond to it like zombies. :slight_smile:

People who don’t have bells often say things like this. Once you’ve actually ridden through an area crowded with pedestrians with a bell fitted though, you’ll never go back. Although since I dumped my T7 handle I haven’t worked out where to fit mine which is annoying.

The power of the bell is awesome, and weirdly enough never seems to annoy people, people just get out of your way quickly, not like when you shout / talk to people, where they always take forever to get out of the way.


I first became interested in a bell just two weeks ago while I was in Paris. They have those city cruiser bikes with docking stations throughout the city. I witnessed the effectiveness of the bell, even on myself.

Anway, I just bought one off Amazon. I kind of went comepletely against my initial criteria, as the one I bought is black and has a bit of plastic. But hey, it was cheap :slight_smile:

My experience differs. I have a bell mounted to my cruising uni as well, but I use it very rarely (actually I don’t remember when I used it the last time). Talking to people has much better effect in my place. But maybe Germany is different to the US regarding people’s reaction on “brringggdinggg”.

Well, then “brringggdinggg” it on! :sunglasses:

Meet “Bella”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssE0LS8C-EQ

(I got mine at my LBS; had to search for it since most were the single “ding” bell types)

Whow! I’m sold! I’ve always done ok with an “excuse me, excuse me, on your {left|right}” - people don’t respond with anger to an “excuse me” although they invariably go in the direction I say I’m going to go so we do a little dance. At least it gets me past. But that thumb bell video has finally convinced me to go with Technology!

I haven’t had much luck finding one at a LBS (or my LUS) but I just ordered this one off of Amazon:

Name brand and you get Amazon’s shipping deals (I’ve got Amazon Prime so it’s free 2-day shipping).

I was always tempted by the clown horn but just couldn’t do it.

New belgium has the type of bell you are looking for and a cool logo on it.
I have one on my New Belgium cruiser, it is good to have connections