I Need a Bell for my T7

No, when it matters they’re not really close. And talking has the effect of making them turn around, which is bad, because then their brains have to process the unexpected sight of a very large unicycle coming at them and their reactions will be much more random than from a bike bell.

The Japanese video was a perfect illustration. In the right environment, the sound of a bike bell says it all, so people don’t really need to look back, they just know it means ‘faster traffic coming through’ so they should move over. That video was hilarious, though I couldn’t understand the dialogue. I’m guessing it was presented in the form of a commercial. :slight_smile:

Anyway, that’s the effect I need when cruising the bike path at 23 km/h and I just need people to make a hole, preferrably without looking back.

As Wolfgang mentioned, the typical bike bell sound may not be effective in areas where those bells are not used, but on my bike path they work reasonably well. Some people won’t move if you put 10,000 volts through them.

A silly-sounding horn would be fun on a smaller unicycle. My Excessory Cycle (currently a pile of parts in a box) used to have four different ones. But those get looks, which lead to reactions other than moving over so they are best suited to slower, fun riding.

Excessory Cycle:

That thing is awesome! That handlebar uni next to it looks fun too.

At 15mph you have to let people know at quite some distance, far enough to have to shout, especially when you’re behind them. When you’ve done it for the dozenth time in the last 5 minutes it becomes very tiresome, and is often percieved as aggressive. A bell sorts this all out, especially as the path i ride along sees much bike traffic from rowing coaches who are infamously bad cyclists, so people move quickly.

Been there, done that. I put micro scooter handlebars in the place of the seat and seat post. It is fun, and now I’m a better rider i will have to do it again!! it could be good for trials lol

Well heck, that tops a Schwin! Canceled my amazon order and paid the couple extra bucks shipping for this!

It just so happens that there is a group test on bells in issue 4 of Uni!
The ‘bell on a velcro strap’ is ideal; we also look at the different possible methods of attaching each type of bell.

Wow, fastest shipping ever! I got it earlier today :slight_smile:

I’ve been a bit lazy and haven’t gone out for a ride with it yet, but it seems good so far. It mounts very easily and nicely on the t7. It’s very loud and is the exact sound I was looking for. I have one concern however –*I’m afraid it is going to make a dinging sound when I ride over bumps. We’ll see.

For a second I thougth that you were talking about UNI, then I realized you were talking about your bell.

I am considering buying one myself. (and getting a subscription even if the magazine becomes bi-anual)

So did I and was about to run out to the mailbox. :smiley:
A bell sounds like a good idea although I don’t think anything short of an airhorn would have moved the earphone loving music lover/ walker who blocked the entire path yesterday. John Foss’ idea of 10,000 volts just might have done it though. Perhaps I should carry a cattle prod.

Haha, oops. I read the UNI post earlier today, but completely forgot about it when I posted that I recieved the bell. Sorry :slight_smile:

Maybe you could mount a super-soaker on your coker.

i have a Ding bell at the top of the seat post X ) u look abit crazy with your hand under your seat 2 ring it but it makes my freinds laugh lol. when i get my nimbus 36 with T7 handle i think ill get a BBBRRRINNGGGGG from halfords :slight_smile:

I too am trying to figure out a way how to fit a bell onto my unicycle. I put one on the seat post but it’s too difficult to get to and impractical. Anyone has any idea of how to attach a bell to my unicycle?

use a finger bell instead.
useful if you’re walking in a crowd as well, ring it a lot and they’ll get out of the way :slight_smile:

Well, it works in Tokyo anyway


on My T7 I have an old-fashioned Oïnk-oïnk horn that makes a lot of noise.

the bicyle bell reminds me of a story: I had a friend who mounted a remote controled one on a car, so when he was cruising slowly through a big crowded street he just rang his bicycle bell : when a car appeared instead of an expected bicycle people jumped ! suprise! very funny!

You still use a T-7? I’ve got two but I have almost completely stopped using them since I got a KH touring bar. I haven’t yet experimented with aero bars like I was going to but even in standard mode tilted down it seems far lighter, stronger, and more ergonomic to hold than the T-7. This thread is old, it should be relabeled “I need a 2010 KH touring handle and a bell to replace my T7”. Only trouble is you need a new seatpost and seat to match.

I sometimes use an MP3 player with speakers instead of a bell to let people know I am coming. It works if I am going slow enough on a quiet shared pathway (not much road noise). Bells definitely seem practical. It’s interesting how it can get people out of the way with minimal effort of both parties- they don’t need to look back and you don’t need to raise your voice.

that’s brilliant! I was only making an assumption :smiley:

I own a Coker bought in 2003! I had to tweak things to fix a T7 and there is no way to fix other fancy handles. this said except for the weight the T7 is ok for position.

Bells and whistles

This thread made me think that a bell would be good but I didn’t go out and buy one immediately. My Mp3 player stopped working. I got given a small bicycle bell, and it was so much fun I got an Air-horn too. They fit very conveniently on the KH Touring handle, protected from crashes and within easy fingertip reach. The bell works on pedestrians and cyclists, and the horn works well for tooting at cars, and on MP3 earphone wearing pedestrians/cyclists. I think they are such a good addition they should all come as standard parts for the handle- my other unicycles are starting to feel naked without the horn.

I like having a big wheel, riding without brakes but using an audible warning signal. The bulb comes off the horn for when I’m in schools where children constantly honk it even if I ask them not to (it’s really loud). I used cable ties to attach it because the fitting wouldn’t fit.

Make yourself heard! Throw away your old ding bell and get a horn!

I got the big brass bell by incredibell and it sounds great! but when I dump the 36er, all the internals explode outward in all directions. NG!