How much have you spent on unicycling?????

List your unicycle expenses and add it to a running total of everyone on the forums. You don’t have to list every item if you don’t want to but I did mines short.
Just add your name to the list along with your total and add your total to the community total.

I’ll start
Kris Holm 05 used- $250
torker lx- $90
torker tx- $115
radial 36er- $340 :astonished:
pedals, posts and other upgrades/repairs- $100


Unicyclist Community running total- $480

Off the top of my head:
Nimbus 24" Muni: $200
KH 2005 Hub/Crank upgrade: $200
Hub install: $70
Bedford 20" Trials: $400

Uni fun: Priceless :smiley:

“Real” Cost: $870

I am still relatively new so:

Bedford 24’’ Muni-$300
5’’ cranks, crank puller-$40


Thousands. Worth every cent.

24" cruiser - $200
20" Torker trials - $240
26" Muni - $320
ISIS hub - $67
New cranks - $88

Total I’ve spent - $915 (not including some little stuff and things I’ve gotten as gifts…)

Running community total: $3892 (+thousands)

20" sun $110
24" Muni (homemade) $150
26" torker $120
36" Nimbus deluxe $500
Total $880.00

$ amount increases impulsively!

some weird math you got going on there.

Hmm my calculator must have had some internal error/malfuntion :roll_eyes:

XCcrev- 895

EDIT: You dont need to know :stuck_out_tongue:

kh shin pads-60
shipping-~50 total


Does traveling to Unicon (and other events) count? If so, even I don’t want to know. $30,000 is probably a way-low estimate… :astonished:

Upgraded nimbus ISIS trials - $900
Second hand KH 04 muni + upgrades to it - $400
Pads - $80
New shoes because unicycling wrecked my old ones - $120
New Jeans because I like riding in them - $80
BC plates - $70
BMX front wheel - $50
Replacing broken parts, shipping, random other costs etc. - $50

Total - $1750, wow I didn’t expect it to be that much :roll_eyes: . It’s worth it though. And my parents probably paid about $750 of the above costs so thanks to them.

Try searching first. This is what I got using your title.

Some threads that have already been posted on this:
There was another one (that I posted my expenditures in) but I didn’t see it in that search.
And similar:

probably about 4,000$ total.

a lot of it on trips.

Into the thousands, most of it on trips, but quite a bit on various parts.

Unicon was so well worth it though :slight_smile:

Not much on unicycles (I gues like 1500€ but in 12 years). But I dont want to know how much in traveling. Since the last 2-3 year I didnt spent money on unicycling I got a little from it :slight_smile: sponsors and show riding is great.

KH 20 07- $650.0
Multiwheeler stuff- $450
Magazines- $25

I would say close to $4k if not more. :stuck_out_tongue:

In correct order from 1st unicycle to last unicycle.
1) Skateboard unicycle (Prototype) = $200
2) Learner machine = $80
3) Torker TX = $250
4) Project unicycles = $1.5k in total. Maybe more.
5) Coker = $900 for coker and another $500 for modding it.
6) Motorized unicycle for my disabled friend = $1k

Everything :wink:

Way too much :smiley: But its worth every bit.

Spent on Unicycling

Bellow is my expenditures for the last 2 1/2 years.Keep in mind that my prices include shipping to Israel and 15.5 VAT tax.

Learner Unicycle $70
Onza 24 $580
KH24 2007 $680
KH29 2005 $640
KH20 2007 $406.5
Pedals $200
Tires $100
Guards $70
FLUCK trip $1000
Gas on MUni
destinations $500
Various toos
and gloves
and accessories $300
Hospitol bills
and missed work
because of broken
Leg Priceless