Hoi, I'm Markus "turtle" Büchel

What’s your name?
My Name is Markus Büchel aka turtle

Where do you come from?
I am from Liechtenstein

What is your experience of unicycling?
I love to ride “alpin” muni. since 2007 i organize the Elsbet (unicycle meeting in Liechtenstein/Switzerland). Also the Grischa Muni Challenge (GMC) is an event of our club. Our club is Team Ursli that I founded 2018 (now with more then 50 members: two times a week we have indoor trainings and at sunday we ride muni).
I also like to take pictures and videos of the riding, this is my Youtube account
Last but not least my two sons ride unicycle, the elder one not anymore, the younger (13) is into muni and street. We also like the Freewheel (just started).

We like to host unicyclers from all over the world, we hosted people from south africa, usa, poland, germany, austria… if you are in the area, just let me know.


Hi turtle! :turtle:

Some years ago, when I discovered unicyclist.com, I started reading Pictures of your latest ride.
I was a new rider and I didn’t knew any other people learning or riding a unicycle, so I was pleased to see all these pictures with various people riding various unicycles in various areas.

I actually read all the posts and looked at all the pictures of this topic over the span of a few weeks. :sweat_smile:

And I think your muni pictures impressed me the most. They were impressive and equally terrifying for some. Oh, the heights and ledges…
I even, from time to time the following years, used the forum search to look again at your pictures but that was not very effective and I struggled with google, trying to filter all your pictures from this single thread.

Even if I didn’t ever do serious muni, though I had a fun ride a few months ago, you are some inspiration for me.


Thank you very much! I didn’t post here many pics at the last time, but if you are really interested I can open my muni pics on google pics

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It’s always nice to look at your unicycle pictures :+1:

Yep we love photos of unicycles and people on them!

Ok, here we go:



Grischa Muni Challenge 2019


Elsbet 2018

and there are even many more… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If I may… Is there a unicycle story with this one?

yes, a stupid upd on that ride after the first 200 meters… i felt on my wrist and a small branch found the way in the wrist… on the pic you may see the bandage


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