Pictures of your latest ride continued

I like how the road was modified!

I had to look that up:

If the bird is aggressive then the only thing which really works is maintaining eye contact. Not easy to do on a unicycle when you’re also worrying about traffic and/or uneven surfaces.

I don’t bother unicycling during September/October as the magpies just kill the fun. Gives me a chance to practice my duocycling and running instead.

Maybe a Mountain Lion or Cougar hat that has eye on the back would work for magpies. They say that they will not attack if you keep watching them, especially not a sneak attack from the back.
Like this:

Today I rode 55km around Mt. Rigi, my longest ride by far. I’m so exhausted, I don’t know how you guys ride centuries, no matter whether kilometers or even miles…


That’s not exactly my last ride, but my last interesting one.

A 1h30 walk the way up and then a nice 30min downhill in the south of France.
The path was sometimes a bit rocky, sometimes dirt, sometimes grassy.

On the way up, an abandoned funicular:

The abandoned station:

It was kinda haunting. :ghost:

At the end of the path, at the station, I met an elderly couple. They were quite surprised by my unicycle, didn’t believe at first that I would downhill the trail riding it, and urged me to be very careful :relieved:


That place has a haunted insane asylum feel to it with the fog and everything.


Totally haunted house creepy feeling!
Could you explore the building?

All the doors were closed and I didn’t feel to climb stuff (too dangerous) :sweat_smile:

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I know this building very well ! yes you can explore it … if you know how :wink:
there is a terrace at the top and when the fog is going away the view is stunning
me on the same path (but with clear sky):

Oops: I forgot to mention that there is also a stunning restaurant at the end of the ride (but Canapin , who is vegetarian, did not taste “garbure” - the quintessential plate in Gascony’s cuisine-)


You should have told me this a few months ago!

My most recent ride with Akira:
:grin: :uni: :evergreen_tree: :herb:

Screen Shot 2020-10-10 at 2.31.44 PM

Cheers, keep one-wheel riding :uni2: :uni:


Hi all,

Not necessarily an exciting photo but whilst I was out for a little fitness ride I found this very neglected section of the famous brooklands race track.

There is sections of the track that are on display but this part is just tucked away and in a bad state which is a shame but seeing the banked track was rather cool :sunglasses:


Too bad you missed its hay day.

Count Zborowski with Chitty Bang Bang 1 at Brooklands, 1921

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the photo and its crazy to think of what cars used to run around the track and that chitty bang bang would of blasted around that banked corner back then :grinning:

What else makes me laugh coming from a mechanical background is the old cars back then were of massive capacity and produced such small power that i surprised that they even managed to run at all!

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Fernleigh Track, an old railway converted to cycle path


Lots of rain forest and birds, a very cool tunnel and a very long hill.


I did that… but on a b*ke

Well that was practice, time to do for real. Your 27.5 or 29 would be easy ride.

This is my Hatchet at Eas Chia-aig (a waterfall on the abhainn Chia-aig) as it falls into the “Witch’s Pool” between Loch Lochy and Loch Arkaig in the Scottish Highlands, hence the Gaelic (which I don’t speak). This supposedly features in the film “Rob Roy” but I don’t think I’ve seen the film.

We were actually there for a walk along Loch Arkaig but when we came back I took the uni along the road a little from the car to get a photo by the waterfall