Pictures of your latest ride continued

A fall ride in the Pacific Northwest US. We do not get as much fall color as some areas of the east US but a nice fall ride in any case.


A 5.5 mile unicycle round the town with my son a few months back with a visit to the Dunbear. A nod to John Muir the conservationist who hails from the town.


Cool pix @Dunibar !
I didn’t know of John Muir. Or actually yes I did, but it turned out to be a completely different person. The one I know is a Beetle conservationist…:

Today I made sure I had my phone with me on the ride to be able to come back with a picture for this thread. Then I experienced so strong winds that I was totally absorbed by pushing on and staying on the unicycle that I totally forgot about it. So maybe next time… :wink:


Yup, this is exactly what this is about… :sweat_smile:


that was actually just for you :laughing:

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And it’s not even Halloween… :jack_o_lantern:

Beautiful scenery and awesome pictures, where is this?

Switzerland :switzerland: (Biferten)

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Martinsloch ?

Auch Glarnerland, aber nicht beim Martinsloch. Da war ich eine Woche nach der Aufnahme hier vom Bifertebstock.

Siehe hier:


Das ist sehr gut! Aber, in die Englisch Forum, kannst du keine Deutsch sprechen (sagt mir :smile:). Für Deutsch, hier sehen sie:
Es tut mir leid, meine Deutsch ist sehr schlecht… ich will mehr gelernt!

I know you speak English, but I like pulling out the German whenever possible :slight_smile:

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I couln’t resist and got myself a handle saddle. Today I took it out for a ride the first time. It’s awesome how much control it gives you over the muni, especially if your own muni skills are pretty much non-existent. However, the brake adapter doesn’t work for my brake, the lever is too far away. Guess I have to build my own…


Try just turning the adapter around. That helped my son reach his brake lever.


We have small crew in Ridgecrest, CA. Today we had 9 of us: 5 on 24"ers, 1 on a Hatchet, and 3 dads on 29ers.


Thanks for the hint, I already wondered whether this would work.

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
Oh gosh that looks like a pretty fun day! Where was that?
And welcome back @Mohouck sounds like it’s been a while since you last visited this forum!

Today in switzerland :switzerland:

In the aftrenoon we will have a muni ride with the club :smiley:


Went out on this "sun"day 25/10-20. I don’t want the weather to control when I can or cannot ride, but it’s less tempting when the weather is very wet, some wind, cool but no rain.

PS. it’s not foggy.