Finally got started...

After an unrelated injury I finally got started learning today in my local park.


They have a nice long stretch of concrete path alongside a chain link fence.
Probably only managed 10 minutes but rode up and down generally gripping the fence. Falling off forward decidedly trickier than falling backwards I find.
Really excited to finally have started learning.


Edit: not sure how to get hte image link working correctly…links OK but doesn’t display image.

Cute doggy! Keep at the unicycling. My roommate has an overactive husky and uni has proven a pretty great way to tire her out. Plus, who doesn’t love a guy on a unicycle walking a Snow White husky? :D. Although that dog doesn’t look like he’s quite as hyperactive as the husky!

Cool,bet its nice to have a non-judgemental buddy w/ you!
I picked up a uni yesterday just like yours for $20.I can tell its easier for me than my CX24.
I got one full rotation w/o holding anything first try,my 24 I can get about 1/2 and I’ve tried it a few times.
Still havent really put any real time in,maybe 15mins,have had so much going on w/ my motorcycle I havent had time.

Goodluck and keep us posted on your progress,it inspires!:slight_smile:

Day 2…

Day 2 - managed a longer session today but still probably only 20 minutes in the saddle (it’s remarkably tiring or I’m remarkably unfit…let me think). I’ve been using the mounting technique of basically having the leading foot/pedal at the 6 o’clock position and simply leaning up into the upright position to end up on the Uni. The down side to this is obviously I’m not best placed to apply forward motion and, quite often, I find I twist as I mount. Neither of these things are a problem as I’m holding onto something but it did prompt me to start attempting the technique that will eventually become free mounting with the foot/pedal initially in the 8 o’clock position and trying to step over the Uni to plan the other foot on the leading pedal. The down side to this is I tend to go straight over the balance point and off the front as I’m not immediately peddling away…I may park this approach for a bit!
Managed some vaguely fluid forward motion getting a forward lean and bouncing my hand along the fence (occasionally grabbing frantically). Sometimes getting a whole revolution without holding on. I’m trying to be bold, keep my weight in the seat, lean forward and go for it. I can almost feel what it should feel like…for about half a revolution and then my brain says, Oi…are you mad, and gravity takes over.
Oscar (the black Lab) spent the whole session planting his tennis ball in front of me where it would most likely to cause an accident. Cheers buddy.


Falling backwards off your unicycle is dangerous and should be avoided especially when you move away from the fence. Falling forward is safer because you can reach out your hands to break your fall. You don’t want to fall on the back of your head.Wrist guards are a good idea.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the pointer unibokk…I’d read a lot of comments on here about the dangers of going off backwards. Today’s session had far more forward dismounts probably due to me being bolder and leaning forward more.

Bonefrost, look forward to seeing your progress. It’s great to read others experiences, progress and disasters to know you’re only going through what everyone else goes through trying to pick up a new skill.


Day 3

Had a few days where I haven’t been able to get out and practice so I ignored the rain showers after work today and got back to my chain link fence for some more time in the saddle.
I’ve reverted back to mounting as if I’m doing a free mount because mounting the easy way with a foot at 6 o’clock just leaves the feet in the wrong position. I do spend a lot of time going straight over the top but c’est la vie.
Got some longer runs going while bouncing the hand along the fence and am starting to notice an inconsistency in my peddling probably brought on by fear. I start peddling and, feeling the wheel coming under me start leaning forward more. This then feels like I’m falling so I peddle faster which brings the wheel back under me but then I’m tipping backwards so I slow the peddling and lean forward. Then I feel like I’m falling…yadda, yadda, yadda. I think maybe if I could smooth out the peddling it would take some of the exaggeration out of my movements.
Anyway, had 20 minutes in the saddle and was starting to get a revolution or (slightly) more while unsupported. When I reached the end of the fence I just kept going and although I didn’t get far, I’ve come away with quite a buzz:)

I’m finding the mental approach to uni cycling being a combination of stubbornness and fearlessness. G
Just go for it, pick yourself up and go for it again…

Going from my 4x4 to my 1x1…


This is normal. In fact it is a good sign that you can feel it happening and adjust your pedaling. It will get much less pronounced with practice. Eventually it will become completely automatic. When you’re out riding around you won’t have to think about forward/backward balance at all. Your legs will just handle it.

Day 4

Short update today as I’m doing this from my phone.
My last few sessions have been ridden wearing long trousers and shin/knee guards over the top. I’ve realised that this is a bit impractical as the guards clamp your trousers to your legs and you can’t bend your knees the first time you get in the saddle! Went and bought running/cycling shorts after work then went for a 25 minute session on the Unicycle. How is one supposed to keep ones nabbers from being crushed I wonder? I wish I could find underwear that kept things out of the way. Difficult to make adjustments too with something akin to welding gloves on :frowning:
Anyway, I’m persevering. …


Wear tight nylon-type cycling shorts pulled up tight and high (don’t need to be padded). They hold everything up out of the way. Another advantage is that they slip against your ordinary jeans or shorts and prevent bad bruising to the thighs.

There is a way of discretely scooping everything forward as you sit down. It’s even more incentive to sit down on the seat instead of standing up on the pedals. When you are seated, everything stays where it should be…

Let me get out the instructive diagram. This goes way back.

LOL…if only you could patent those special pants :o
My new cycling type shorts are, indeed, a vast improvement over my jeans. Trouble is I’m up and down like a whore’s drawers in and out of the saddle so is a bit of a challenge to keep the old Crown jewels out of harms way.


Day 5

Been out this morning for a 15 minute session and will try another later to maximise my time in the saddle. Felt a little less confident today but other than that I’m finding it easier to mount and just get going.
Here’s a little clip of how I’m doing along with Oscar who’s there for moral support…a bit of a lazy dismount at the end…I’ve been trying to go off the front on safety grounds.

Posting that to YouTube made me look at a few other people’s “Day Fives”…bless all the people who are still falling on their arses and damn you clever sods who are cycling rings around your neighbourhood already :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool mate!Your getting it.
The 5mins I rode in my kitchen I could totally feel the balance point.What I was concentrating on was leaning forward and trying to get my side to side balance like a bicycle.
May try tonight,need to find a fence or wall thats close.Saw a 3pt “how to” on youtube lastnight and the dude was using a truck/suv to hold onto and kinda ride around,change direction and do it again.Great idea,just dont think Mom’s would be to happy if my uni went flying into her PT Cruiser.:stuck_out_tongue:

I need to get used to falling forward,I’m used to pitching something far enough ahead when I go off the back that I dont land on it if I tumble.Goes back to the skate days pitching the board when you bailed.

Bonefrost…get out there a do it dude :slight_smile:
It took me a while to find a suitable local spot to practice…it’s quite public so I do get a lot of spectators but all of htem are very encouraging.

Got back out there again today to get some more hours in the seat. I’m starting to get much more regular/fluid on the peddling which is allowing me to go much farther without falling. Still very much glued to my chain link fence but starting to grab it a little less. I felt very positive about this until I realised I’m still bouncing my hand off the fence once per revolution of the pedals lol.
Worked on the fear a bit by occasionally peddling away from the fence. Obviously only got a single rotation before UPD’ing but it helps to know you can do it and survive.
I became aware that I’m basically looking down at my feet and suddenly remembered someone mentioning that you should look ahead so have started looking forward like I would if I were riding a bike or driving. Bit disconcerting at first but hopefully it’ll refocus my attention away from falling.


I too am a newbie , I don’t know anyone who rides so I am self/YouTube taught. After 1year I can ride, turn to the right, & free mount. I feel I learned the hard way,this is just my thought if I tried to help some one learn I would say to sit on it to get use to it , watch tv on it ,rock it while watching tv get to the point where you can sit on it without wobbling & be able to rock / wobble at will. GET COMFORTABLE ON IT (become one with the uni) then head to the fence or wall Once you can move up & down the guide twenty feet or so start getting away from it, don’t become dependent of the fence or wall IT WILL HOLD YOU BACK then the fun of learning begins

Keep on keeping on

Day 6

I start each of my sessions feeling like a complete new starter but quickly get back up to speed. A 30 minute session today and I tried to concentrate on two things I’ve read on other threads;

  • look up/ look where you’re going.
  • your weight should be in the seat not on the pedals.
    I actually thought I was putting all my weight in the saddle but when I compared between idling on the spot (hanging onto my fence of course!) and peddling I realised that wasn’t the case.
    After half an hour I was starting to have some moments when I was actually balancing and a few times I managed three revolutions of the pedals without touching my support…a magical feeling.

The regular dog walkers in the park where I practice are all very complementary on my progress but I did have a chap stop today and critique me explaining how easy it should be and how I should simply do this and that :angry:
He even told me to peddle up and down so he could tell me what I was doing wrong…bless, he didn’t have a clue. I was going to offer to let him show me but he was quite old and didn’t look like he’d survive a face plant.
Onwards and upwards…


Interesting…I confess the few times I branch away from my fence I do almost immediately UPD and I feels it’s as much a fear of getting it wrong and face planting as losing my balance. Maybe I need to be bolder and have more commitment.


Yeah, practicing every day is best. I tried to do morning and night.

To keep the UPDs safe I’d focus on dismounting w/ the uni in front & back, w/ the L & R foot, and the fence on either side @ an exact spot before getting away from the fence/wall.

IMO a rail ~ chest height while seated is best. That way u can pull or push yourself from it.

Your seat should b high enough so your leg is only slightly bent when @ 6:00 & 90% of your weight on the seat.