Complete beginner

I did a post on the UUU forum, and was told about this one, so thought i’d join up and say hi :slight_smile:

My names Darren and i’m a complete beginner when it comes to Unicycles. Fancied one ages ago, but never did anything about it, so now, at 36 years old, decided it’s a good time to start :slight_smile:
After a bit of research, and not wanting to spend out £’s , i’ve decided to go for this one : , the 24" club beginner Muni.

Around where i live, ( UK, Cambridgeshire, near Peterborough ), the roads are full of speed bumps, but there are loads of fields, footpaths and tracks. I enjoy walking through the countryside, so figured riding off road would also be a good idea - and maybe grass and mud hurts less than concrete when you fall off :lol:

Only just ordered the Muni, so looking forward to it arriving, putting it together, and then giving it a go - expecting to fall off lots but have fun trying.


Good luck!


pretty much all the info you will need is hidden in these forums, all you need to do is just search for it (upper right of the page). And of course if you cant find what your looking for just ask.

have fun

Thanks for the welcome.

The parcel arrived, and the unicycle has been built.
So far, with the help of railings, i can sit on it :slight_smile:

Think it’ll be a while before i’m riding without holding on to anything, but the plan is to practice, and practice, then practice some more - i’ll get there one day.

There’s a grass track near me that’s flat, and a nice distance.
Setting myself the aim of completing it within a year.

Keep at it! If it’s smooth you can probably beat your goal in a lot less time then that.

Keep at it! I got mine a week ago - I’m 50! Don’t give up!!!

Welcome. As others said don’t give up. It’s very challenging to learn to ride and even after decades of riding its hard to learn new tricks, but very rewarding and very fun!

Well it’s definetly caused amusement for my wife and children watching me trying to ride it :slight_smile:

I’m determined that it wont be too long before i can ride, even a short distance, without holding on. Might fail lots trying but one day it’ll click and i’ll be off :slight_smile:

You’re in for a period of fun and frustration but the following weeks/months are where you’ll experience the magic most quickly :slight_smile:
It took me a couple of weeks of riding up and down the length of a fence before it finally clicked for me…others seem to get it much quicker but I guess we’re all different.
Check out my first month or more at ‘Finally got started’ to see what the first week or two might hold for you…

Good luck fella…practice every day even if it’s only for 5 minutes.


Had a good read through your post. As a beginner its always helpful to see other beginners and how they managed / got on. Was also helpful being able to watch your progress too.
It does seem to be quite addictive - I tend to use the phrase ‘one more go’ quite a bit.