Initial attempts at riding trails

Hey guys…I’ve posted this in my Learning Journal Finally got started… but thought I’d pop it in here as it classes as a uni video :slight_smile:

This is the highs (and mostly lows) of one of my first longish rides around some local trails. I’d like to say they were technically tricky but in reality they’re only a step up from a car park…still, small steps and all that.

Head-cam footage is always a bit ‘Blair Witch Project’ but I’m learning what works and what doesn’t with a camera.


Nice! :slight_smile: What camera do you use?

Cheers shufps…I could have edit it down but wanted to relate just how tough I found it and what a typical ride was like for me at this stage.
I’m using a GoPro which is a great little camera. I do use an app on my phone so I can set up the frame usually as it doesn’t have a viewfinder/screen built in. Filming while holding a camera (or having it mounted on your helmet as I did) is never going to look that great unless you inter cut it with lots of external shots of you I guess.
Fun learning though…