Kris Holm shin and knee guards?

My current 661 knee and shin guard are ok, but they slide down (until they get sweaty), there is a gap between the bottom of the pad and my shoe, they do not wrap round completely, and they do not protect my ankle bones or the achilles. I am wearing the correct size.

The Kris Holm guards seem to be the only ones made specifically for uni, and I was wondering how the latest version compares with other guards for protection and, particularly on the points I mentioned.


As far as ankle & achilles protection, you might be best off with a pair of high top runners as the KH’s don’t appear to have that protection factor any more than the 661’s.

Have included a link to the KH’s just in case you had not seen that info yet.

I use 661’s (with high top shoes) & really like them & have never had a problem with them slipping (even with really skinny legs) but many others on the forums have indicated your same concerns. I haven’t tried the KH’s myself but am pretty sure that there have been a number of reviews posted in the past so a search might yield some info from those who have used them.

Happy shopping.

Thanks for the link, also useful for sizing.

I noticed some posts, but understand that there has been a recent upgrade to the product, so thought I would canvas recent opinions?

I have been riding with the new Percussion armor for the past few months. Depending of how they will fit on you, they might provide some ankle/malleolus protection, though they were not made for that. I use the medium ones (even though the small ones would fit better around my legs) so I can get the side fabric to cover my socks and thus my malleolus.

As Harley suggested though, it is probably safer to have high top shoes, especially for the Achilles tendons.

However for your other concerns, I think the Percussion could be a good choice. They never slide down and they cover your shins and calves on 360 degrees. Plus I find that they are very comfortable, however slightly hotter than some 661’s (but that’s what shaving is for, right ? :p).

Hope I could help.

Thanks for the info.

Regarding the shoes.
I am looking for some hi tops but I am having trouble finding something suitable. I don’t want five-tens as they are too bulky and stiff (not going to do aggressive muni). I want a narrow flat sole with some feel for the pedal, ideally with some ankle support.

Somebody else should probably chime in as I don’t have experience riding with high tops.

However, I do know that many street and flatland riders like the Nike’s and the Adidas’, for the fact that you can still feel the pedals under your feet. On the other hand, they just protect your ankles, they don’t support them as 5.10’s would.

If you’re after ankle protection, then soccer ankle protectors do a good job (though don’t really provide much protection for the achilles - but then little else does). Decathlon sell some for £3 or £4 if you have one of those handy.

Does anybody else use KH leg armour ?

I can pretty much guarantee you that this guy does:

Email Kris & ask him his thoughts. Even though it is his product he will give you a very unbiased opinion of the item. If something isn’t working with his stuff or can be improved he’s all over it, and it gets changed / fixed on the next production run.

Yup, I went for them because I could find detailed measurements for them and couldn’t for many of the alternatives. There are loads of photos and a few videos with me wearing them in my learning journal. I like 'em, they don’t move around and, because they fit right down to the foot, they don’t slip or move around. Looking at my photos maybe I could have gone for the next size up as the back-flap doesn’t quite cover the top of my calf muscle.
I did think them unnecessary after weeks of learning with no apparent impact from the pedals but then when I looked at my pads I could see loads of marks from impacts that I’ve simply never felt. Money well spent :slight_smile:


Hmmm … In a perfect world.

+1, generally. Eg several companies make good elbow guards so KH doesn’t have any. Whereas knee/shin Purcusion (IMO the best out there for us), but some prefer shin only, several good ones already made and would be too $$ for such a small group of people.

Of course you’d have to wait until the next production run at a minimum.

Please excuse the thread jack joggerdude.
Are there any elbow pads out there that are similar in style to KH Shin guards.
Plain and black with no big bumpy parts?

I have Brand-X guards. They are very slim and do not move. I wear them under my fleece.
I reviewed them some months ago, and I still think they are the best value out there.

(Edit: They are now £13.99 delivered)

The closest is prob 661 2x4’s.

I use Fox Launch pads. I really like them. They don’t move around, distribute the force well, light weight and not too hot.

If you want streamline then I can recommend the G-Form protection…they do come in all-black rather than the ghastly yellow featured on the link but the yellow makes it easier to see what they’re like. They’re weirdly a bit like a pair of sleeves that you pull up your arm. The tops are covered by a normal T-Shirt sleeve and the bottom comes just above the wrist. They’re very thin and flexible but the material reacts to impacts by becoming solid (and increasing in volume I think). Once you put them on you completely forget they’re there. Most of my local bike shops sold them and you do need to get the right size. Down side is they’re quite pricey :astonished:
Check out my learning journal for pictures of mine in action.


Thanks for all the help guys.

I’ve just purchased a set of 661 Rhythm elbow pads. I’ve gone for a large size so I’ll be able to wear them over my jumpers.:slight_smile:

Uni Lateral I’ve just spent the last hour catching up on your thread, Great Going !