Exciting News for 36" enthusiasts

Well I know there is some exciting news happening on Unicycle.com if you are waiting for a new 36er. I was talking on the phone with unicycle.com and a very nice a helpful woman told me that there will be something exciting happened in terms of 36ers at the end of January. She said if she told me anymore she would have to kill me!

Anyone have an idea of what this may be?

Maybe the new Coker is out? Or is that stating the obvious…

Ohhh! Sounds really exciting! Did she tell you?


new source for airfoils? maybe? hopefully?

maybe KH is coming out with a 36er?

those two are my bet

Ohhh a KH36 would be amazing! I am guessing that now too! New for January so it would be an 08 KH36!

Thats my bet too!


Well maybe the context of the conversation would help. I was about to order an airfoil wheel build from her as they do have one or two airfoils in stock just not listed online (I never ended up buying it so there should be two left). I was saying how it was basically impossible to get a new 36er into canada for under $900. Duty charges can be in the hundreds if the item is not manufactured in the country it is being shipped from. So I was cancelling my order and she mentioned to me that “something really exciting” will be up on unicycle.com for 36ers. The news is not the new Cokers because we were already talking about that and she said she was sworn to secrecy. I agree, I think it will be KH 36 frames or maybe even a build.

Please go in to your nuke proff shed with a wirless laptop and tell up :slight_smile:

Kris said in another thread recently that he was hoping to have a KH36 frame available some time in 2008. Which would be awesome :slight_smile: I guess if he’s thinking of that maybe he’ll go the whole hog and make a complete uni, that’d be cool…

Also, UDC have been looking at making their own 36er rim for ages so that the N36 can come with a good alloy rim by default rather than them having to be shipped in separately and added as an upgrade. That’d be cool because it should lower the costs somewhat - particularly for us in the UK (where they have to factor cost of shipping in the Nimbus, plus the fairly substantially cost of shipping in the airfoil from the US).

A KHG36… :astonished: (G being Geared…)

Talking about price comparisons… I just bought a nimbus two wheeler, plus the extension kit, and in all it cost me £292… (and this is the basic one we’re talking… ( http://www.unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=811 , with http://www.unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=799 ) … then I look on UDC us and… OH LOOK there’s a nimbus three wheeler with a flat crown and nicer seat for 300$, JUST UNDER £150! plus the shipping to uk it comes to £270 - wtf!? I think i’m going to try and send what I bought back and get the one from UDC US… and hope it comes in time for christmas.

I know what the news is but I’ve been sworn to secrecy so don’t bother asking! The info was accidentally leaked to me.

I think you have a man on the inside with the price stuff and leaked info.:stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t you love “I got a secret game”

Why don’t we start our own secret.

I’ll go first, they found something on the other side of the moon, but I’m sworn to secrecy to tel what it is.


I was talking to Roger a couple of weeks back and he mentioned he was working on something top secret, I cant remember his words now though.

maybe stocking the qu-ax 36?

The only 36" news that would really excite me is a significantly lighter wheel and/or tire. Anything else would simply be novel.

Remember you are likely to get stung for duty and VAT on anything you import from the US. That can add up to a hefty amount. Then you wait a lot longer for your order to reach you. Plus if anything goes wrong it is MUCH more desirable to be dealing with a local company than having to send stuff back to the US.


In skating, the dealers are always saying: “coming soon”. It’s meaningless, useless & ineffective marketing. So if they want to wait to announce, that’s good. Even better to wait until it’s actually in stock.

Like the local tire store sign proudly states: If it’s in stock, we got it!!!

It’s so top secret I’m sure you’ll all want one. I’ve already told Roger to send one to UDC NZ for me to buy as soon as it’s ready :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe the new coker will come with a 40" tyre as an option. :astonished:

I’m sure it’ll be something just for the most skilled (and suicidal) riders in the world - a 36" two-wheeler!