Evidence you're a unicyclist - Unicycle art, decorations etc in your home

Would a visitor to your home spot evidence that you’re a unicyclist? (other than your unicycles / gear)

Here are a couple of things in our house…

An old poster from a bus company. They had a series of ‘Silly ways to travel’ (others included bulldozers, canon, combine harvester - not often a unicycle appears in such company). I like this guy with his umbrella, brief case and bowler hat, as I often ‘commute’ in smarter clothes (all of 2 minutes). Even my tidiest shoes have pedal scrapes underneath!

A clock with a unicyclist. I drove up a track in the dark across a field to collect this! The unicyclist is meant to keep swinging to and fro all the time, but that doesn’t happen (and it would drive me mad if it did). I guess to be accurate it isn’t a unicycle, maybe a 56" ultimate wheel, but I can live with that discrepancy.

Any other examples out there?


Does a random unicycle in the living room count?


I guess this counts. It feels like art in a way.

But no - sadly I don’t have any actual piece of art of the mono wheel ilk


Well strictly speaking I did say ‘other than your unicycles’, but I suppose random unicycles lying around or hanging up in the living space is plenty of evidence that you’re a unicyclist, and a kind decoration. I seem to have one decorating the kitchen at present (with nice new 102 cranks - thanks @mindbalance).

BTW, looking at the nice pink rim, is that your new Green Machine hubbed freewheel uni @mowcius?


Doh, I totally missed the part about unicycles :rofl:

It is indeed the coaster brake freewheel. The wheel was very out of true. It’s still out of true, but more on one side than the other as the rim is so rubbish.

It’s on my key chain


Unicycle in the bedroom.


How about this unicycle themed pizza cutter which I got from someone at work as a Secret Santa gift a few years ago. Pretty nice gift. It works Ok and the monkey’s legs go round with the pedals as it cuts.


I want that thing so bad!

I think @johnfoss owns one of this one.


There’s some on eBay both UK and US I found. It’s always bugged me that it should be ‘pedaller’ as in one who pedals and not ‘peddler’ as in seller…

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in Germany discounted for 12,47 €


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Here is my desktop unicycle. It comes off the stand and is completely functional


Those mini unis are great aren’t they, and up until yesterday I had never seen one before. However last night my wife presented me with this that she had designed and made - I dream of having unicycling skills as good as her crocheting skills!


This is so nice! Really like the fact this thread was created and a few days later your wife has helped expand what you have to indicate you’re a unicyclist.

That’s one talented croquet-er :star_struck:


In January I destroyed my bedroom’s door while practicing.


Both abstract and realism. I love it.

Love it! I think that could be called ‘unicycle performance art’ - definitely looks like a pedal shaped hole to me (certainly hope it was caused some part of you!)

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Yes, great timing, and it wasn’t a plant - neither of us knew what the other was up to.


yes, the hole was caused by a pedal