Scaffold Your Wheels: Project Uni-Bar Hanger

Well it’s started - I’m pleased to be shortly able to get my wheels hooked up and dangling from this scaffold bar.

These photos are early days - work in progress, but I wanted to share. Come Christmas time I’ll be able to update this with a more festive vibe to the way the wheels hang.

Who needs a tree when you’ve wheels to decorate :snowflake::smile:

I previously had post of them leaning in stacks against a bedroom wall - with two hanging in the stairwell.

Now they’re going to be pride of place front and centre in the living room next to the fireplace.

In the corner we’ll also be storing a Tern GSD cargo bike standing upright.

I am unable to store unicycles in a shed or outhouse as they need to be “near” me. And am I alone in thinking they look nice? :heart_eyes_cat:

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looking forward to seeing the final set up

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Actually a project I need to do, too. I will be following.

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They’re up!

Just missing Tern GSD bike - left space for upright storage.

Daily ride will be kept elsewhere - more ready to pick up and go.

Used hockey tape and self fusing rubber in the rope loops I made for the four hanging wheels:

The handy thing about the bar and ropes is that the wheels are easy to unfold them from their stacked/staggering - and the bar takes a lodged weight but if you pull on a wheel the rope takes the main load and no small mini-human can knock a wheel in her small sweet head!

The lower wheels aren’t fully weighted on the bar but are slightly lifted up by the use of two hammock straps (used for going round two trees) and they would wonderfully for unweighting the tyres and keeping them safe from falling over.

These wheels’ pedals could pose a risk to small people getting injured or overly interested in “playing” there - so my temporary solution is to wrap my KH shin guards around them. I may need to create a lower roll out barrier.


Looks nice and compact :+1:

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Nice setup. However, what is your plan to protect the wall from tire marks or tire rub ?

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Two parts of the plans -

  1. Put up a very large poster that is made of plastic
  2. Not care about the odd tyre mark* and call it part of the living room vibe :grinning:

*I’ll draw the line at muddy tyres - so for that anything that’s been ridden gets cleaned and dries first!

In short - this is clearly not a normal set up and the way we’ve structured our house isn’t “normal” - but we genuinely love it.

And yes my wife Terez is totally onboard with all of this, and likes it!


What did the previous unicycle storage situation look like? :wink:

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Nice job, that looks good

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Cheers all! It makes the space work now as we can store our Tern GSD next to it all :star_struck:

The second bedroom - leaning against the walls and radiator (which meant that one was never turned on)

And with a new mini-human due any week now… we needed to make that space more nursery fit :heart_eyes_cat:


Congratulations, Felix & Terez!!!