Ed's unicycle around the world tour

Maybe I’m blind, but I haven’t found any thread about it. So I just started a new one here:
Ed Pratt is doing a unicycle world tour. Here’s a video of his preparation:

Yesterday he left home an actually started his tour. Se here:

You can follow hin on facebook:

He’s posted a few times on the various unicycle Facebook groups, don’t think I’ve seen him on here though. I love his rack setup! :smiley:

So am I ! And it seems to double a a great mudguard ! :smiley:

Looking at his pictures on Facebook, he has a custom mudguard too :smiley:

Apparently his setup was built by Cary Gray, who owns the record for the longest unicycle trip! :smiley:

I think, from the short email chat we had, that he said Cary Gray’s mum makes the saddle bags herself. Last email I had off him was asking how he was gonna mount the bag(s)
I suggested the Thule racks, but it seems he went with custom build :slight_smile:

Best of luck to him! If I remember rightly he’s riding for School In A Bag, giving each child who receives one an education. Its a good cause, and I really must head to his site and donate, while I’m still thinking about it!

I notice he’s riding on the KH Zero saddle. I think he chose the correct saddle for riding such a long distance.

I’d be interested to read some feedback on how the Zero performs.

Since Ed doesn’t do this just for fun and also does a big fundraising for the Project School in a Bag with this I’d like to encourage you all to support his fundraising goal of 7,500 Pounds equal to 500 schoolbags.
You can donate at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=WorldUnicycleTour

Here’s the latest video of Ed:

Great video. Ed seems well able for the rigours of a world tour. :smiley:

Been following him on facebook. He has met some wonderful people already. I am eager to see him succeed.

Yeah, it will a great achievement if he completes the distance. He seems to have planned it well,

There were posts about him on the french forum, didn’t realize there were none here. Sounds like a nice guy, what a ride he has ahead of him!

Read about the bag and the prep, but what are the uni’s specs? Looks like he has dual hole cranks?

New Video Episode

So, finally episode 3 of his videos is out. It isn’t on youtube yet, but you can watch it on facebook:

There’s also a nice new Gadget: you can follow Ed’s route on Google maps:
Where’s Ed?

And: please don’t forget to donate to his charity Shool in a Bag at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=WorldUnicycleTour

Came across these images of Cary Grey. His unicycle touring setup is similar to Ed’s. I hadn’t heard of him until a chance encunter on utube. He has lots of brilliant video and a great deal of experience if his Utube posts are anything to go by.


Those little pedal bags are genius! I think I’ve seen them before (Probably the same person).

I still to this day sometimes mount with my feet a bit wonky, as I don’t usually check where my pedals are tilting before jumping on. Causes my feet to sometimes hit the front/rear edge, and spin the pedal round during mounting, causing me to pedal on my heel until I adjust. I could definitely do with a righting mechanism… :smiley:

I recommend Forums readers to post here when they make their donations. It will be fun to follow along and see how much we can generate!

Looks like the mudguards are also a necessity for keeping the bags off the tire. It’s an ingenious setup for backpack-free riding!

I don’t know about Cary Gray. What’s the longest unicycle trip? I thought it was Wally Watts; around the world 1976-78.

I like the idea of pedals that stay upright, but not at the expense of any excessive weight on them. The longer the ride, the more that matters. Like anything over 10 km. :slight_smile:

Go Ed!

I didn’t really think of that extra pedalling weight, but I do already ride with heavy boots so maybe that wouldn’t bother me :smiley:

His About page seems to suggest he’s still going, but he’s already trying to get a spot on American Ninja Warrior, so I guess he’s done for now.

Ed is now in Serbia on his way to Belgrade. He seems to make good progress.


At the outside of your pedals there should me a removable cap. Removing the cap should reveal a nut which if tightened slightly will prevent the pedals from turning so freely so that they stay in position as you prepare to mount. :slight_smile:

My pedals are already relatively stiff here - the problem is that I don’t usually bend down to adjust them before mounting, so they’re basically at whatever angle they were at when I dismounted before.

EDIT: I should note this isn’t a big problem, I still mount/ride just fine, and can even 1-foot half a revolution to get my feet in line without killing myself, so while it’s a small annoyance that’d be fixed with weights, it’s not something I’ll be doing anytime soon! :smiley: