Custom frame makers

Hi everybody,

after some websearch to know more about the Triton frames, I realized that they are the the only ongoing producer of custom unicycle frames that I know of (while still a bit on and off).
I read often about custom frames (mostly with past unicycle models or in certain niche in bicycling) but it seems mostly a think with some bike shops.

I know there is some welding artists doing some custom frame for personal use (like Jakob) and sometimes produce for other (like Scott Bridgeman used to and maybe Jakob will?).

Do any of you know any other source of custom frame ? What are the usual raw material used (steel? CrMo? Aluminium? Titanium? Other?) and prices ?

Thanks for the insight =)

I’m pretty sure you can still custom order a Hunter. They are CrMo, and very nice.

I think that especially in the Boston area you could find a custom b*ke builder to sit down with and discuss what you are after. Bring an example or two and they ought not have any problem

I think marco at M41 said he will now do custom frames

I have a Hunter 26 and he was great to work with - you can customize seat tube diam and length, brake tabs and powder coating.

Another custom unicycle frame builder

There is also Badger Bikes right here in Portland, OR.

Ive ridden one of these and its a sweet ride with cool biplane crown. As a bonus, the Badger 29er frame is one of the few 29er frames that will clear the newer Surly Knard 29 x 3.0" wide-n-fat 29er tires:


Thanks for the link Brycer. This is a very nice and clear website and they even list already the specs and provide a price range :slight_smile:

Have you (or some one you know) ridden a double-plate crown frame like these in Muni DH trails ?

Man, I don’t need another uni, but I’m starting to get that ‘custom frame’ itch after seeing this thread and everyone’s Tritons.

I can’t keep spending money. I can’t keep spending money. I can’t keep spending money. I can’t keep spending money. I can’t keep spending money…

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You don’t need to go for another uni, just replace the frame of one… :smiley:
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I feel your pain, I’ve got the itch to buy a 29er right about now…

Nah man, if I spend that much on a frame, I’m doing everythang. :slight_smile:

I’m willing to do custom, it’s what I want to do!

I dont know any unicycle specific custom frame builders except Triton, M41 apprently, I didn’t know Hunter was still making frames, there’s also An’so’s boyfriend (sorry I dont remember his name)(at Grin Uni Shop) and myself. You could always find a frame builder that offers bike forks, I’m sure he’d be able to help you.

You pretty much have every raw material possible, I’ve seen a few stainless steel bikes. I might want to make one :slight_smile: Prices always depend on where you get the material, what kind is it, and depending on the frame builder’s charge and quality of job. Materials have different prices everywhere.

PM me if you have any project in mind! I’d be really happy to help you out!

Speaking of An-So, her South American tour uni was made by Naked.

Don’t forget Steve Howard, the guy in Idaho who made those beautiful, custom CNC’d aluminum frames. I don’t think he does it any more, but I still kind of regret giving away the one he gave me, as a raffle prize at Unicon 11. :frowning:

There are plenty of custom bike frame makers out there; the problem is finding one with unicycle experience. Sure they can build beautiful stuff, but without the extra background in unicycles and their special needs, it’s hard to know if it will have strength in the right places.

Bronson Silva ( does custom unicycle builds, but I’m not sure if he does custom frames. I’m pretty sure he is making his own custom bike frames, so I don’t think it’s out of the question for him. He’s an experienced unicyclist with lots of background in our sport.

Do you have any experience or plans with carbon fiber? I find that the modulus of elasticity of aluminum and titanium don’t give me the stiffness I need for a unicycle frame. I don’t know if there’s anything besides steel that will work for me, especially considering how rough I can be on a frame. Do you have ideas how to make a lighter steel frame that can withstand significant impacts?

Koxx made amazing frame made with CF, very last ones on sale here :

80 euros. thats insane…

Looks like they are also selling K1 unis without saddle, rim, spokes and tyre including 24s for 70.

the guy bought all old stock when Koxx collapsed, that’s why price are very cheap, I got some parts from him

My French is thirty years rusty and before the internet age. I don’t see a shopping cart icon or if shipping to the US is available. This frame would be a nice addition to the stable…


merci, pax


I’m a sucker for old school detail work like the Classic Italian bike frames. Paul Wyganowski does that kind of work and builds unicycle frames. I don’t think any of the fork crowns he works from, though, would allow for frames big enough to fit the biggest tires out today.