BrakeStuff Rotors for Schlumpf - Who’s Interested?

Thanks to @Eric_aus_Chemnitz for the heads up on this option:

I’m in communication with them now and the vibe seems promising. Cost… well that may be on the higher side but we will see …

I’d be interested to know who would be game to try a rotor made for the new schlumpf hubs by this company.

And off the topic of my head or would have:

  • A swept rotor arm design
  • 2-2.3mm thinkness
  • Dedicated heat treatment
  • 203mm or possibly even 223 (!) sizing
  • Pinprick hole design on edge section

I see they offer glass bead blasting option to the surface treatment which from what I gather saves braking the brakes in and gives a more even surface when compared to standard rotors.

If people are interested in this it would be handy to know

  • your ideal set up and what your favoured “look” of the rotor would be (check out BrakeSTUFF’s site)
  • size preference
  • thickness preference
  • max £$€ willing to spend
  • and any ideas or comments

I think I like this one the most so far:

(Naturally it will be with a much larger inner space but the outer section seems very solid)

I am background thinking that this type of thing might get cheaper with a group order and to that end I think we could look to arrive at an amalgamation of all peoples desires - it will end up a bit of a compromise I guess but still a nice mix of all the most popular specs

(Or it could be that just 2-3 people are interested and that kills this project off quite simply :joy:)

Hope this ends up useful to the schlumpfing community and at the very least gives another supplier to the disc rotor areas for these hubs… and those massively skilled riders who can wear out rotors (not really me… but I enjoy tinkering) :gear:


To me, it’s far too early to be calling the new hub deficient. Very few of the hubs have been shipped. There are still engineering changes being worked into the production cycle. I will wait until I’ve put in a good bit of riding, and see what experience brings me.
For now, I’m waiting until the Serial Number WIKI has significantly more than THREE entries for “Generation 5 (M1200 … )”.
Having the option of a different disk may be nice in the future, but for now, my hub was ordered with a spare disk.
I’ve got a Hatchet as came from UDC, and for the wheel build on the new hub, a Jones 29" C-Rim (6mm offset), and a Maxxis Hookworm tire. My hub is coming with a 203mm rotor, so I did buy the Shimano caliper adapter.
Maybe there will be changes: – a lighter tire, – a M4O bar and ISM saddle, – shorter cranks (the current two-hole cranks will help that decision)

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That’s cool. Totally not calling the hub deficient - I’m just overly obsessed, a passionate tinker who can’t resist then pull of solving a problem that impacts perhaps 5% of riders, or someone with too much time in their hands.

Any which way, I hope whatever comes of this ends up being useful / entertaining.

The hubs are brilliant just as they are and even with all the teething problems, I’m still going to get my :arrow_up: :gear: and :arrow_down: :gear: tattoos put on my wrists before the year is out! :smile:


Surely they should be on your ankles - unless you have bar end shifters of course :slight_smile:


I also think that we should wait a little while. And if this is confirmed (we should know soon enough!), I hope Schlumpf will take the initiative to contact such a company.

I think @Maxence will wear out his disk before me. :upside_down_face:


Why would I wear my disk before you? I don’t ride my G36 a lot these times… Not sure I will put lots of kilometers on it before a long time. Except if I go for some 200 km rides… :smirk: :smirk: :smirk:

BTW, I’m of course interested in such new discs. I’d also be happy to give a try to those 223 mm discs. Not sure how they would behave though. So I’d probably take a 203 and a 223 - just in case :smiley:
Regarding the price, 100€ would probably be the most I would spend in a disc.


I know you’re right. But this would sadly require me to be patient :smile:

A draft rotor design from BrakeSTUFF is being made as we speak and then at least there’s an option and price on the table. Who knows, it could spur on Florian to use this going forward if there really are wear and weakness issues.

Think it’ll have to be 203 only from the looks of things.

I confess I have no need for this rotor project - but I am super curious all the same (tinker, tinker)


My hub arrived. Compared my Hatchet Shimano 180mm rotor to the Schlumpf 203. The Shimano is much more rigid. Shimano surface seems much harder. After installing the Schlumpf hub and rotor in the Hatchet frame I noticed slight alignment issues, the rotor appeared to have slight warping from shipping. I simply tweaked the 203 rotor with my fingers and only gentle pressure was needed to correct the warpage. I may be interested in a more robust rotor.


I would likely be interested in a rotor upgrade. I had to adjust the rotor to be straight/not rub, and also find it bent/adjusted a lot more easily then other rotors i have used. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing though.

It seems heavy compared to other bike rotors though since it is solid steel.

Shimano 203 used for brakefast was 166 grams, including the aluminum spider. After removing the spider, the remaining part used was 87 grams.

The stock Schlumpf 203 rotor is 179 grams.

But, I would also likely wait until mine wears out before buying/upgrading a new one.


Just a small update.

I think things could start moving forward on this project in a few weeks.

I have ended up sending BrakeStuff my spare 203 rotor so they have an actual rotor to look at and work off.

There’s also an idea I’ve had that the rotor they could create should be an exact facsimile of the official one.

Why? So as to not interfere too much with how the hub has been designed and impact the warranty.

But it could still be nice to see he swept rotor design investigated and perhaps tested… but for a safer option going with a direct copy of the current rotor but in hardened metal could be best overall.


Great news! :star_struck:
Have you asked them about 223mm rotors? It’d be great for having more clearance on big wheels :slight_smile:

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No I haven’t pushed that point as I kind of wanted to first be 100% sure they understood how it needs to interface to hub.

But given what you’ve recently highlighted how getting Braus 36ers on 100mm hubs are still a tricky wheel to get clearance for.

Makes me wonder if there are brake adapter for such a size…… off to google :eyes::grinning:

Good point!

The “common” size seems to be 220mm. Hope, for example, makes some of these adapters. Have a look at the “R” model.

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Seems like you get a booster from 203 to 223…

Your’s a PM > PM adapter. That wouldn’t work on a modern uni frame. They all use IS standard.

Do with think that using a 223 rotor on the hub would amplify the strain it might place on the securing interface?

That’s not that I think the current rotors have been tested in this way, but while I like the idea of 223 for 36ers - I’m still cautious about annoying Florian or upsetting people when it might break their hub at the interface point.

(I’m no engineer so don’t know if a bigger rotors means more stress on the 9 bolts. But it felt logical)

Wouldn’t it go on top of a 203 adapter?

I could have got wires crossed as I rushed the searching :see_no_evil:

[admittedly you need longer bolts!]

I’m no mechanics engineer, too :laughing:
But I’d say it would be fine. 220/223 mm discs usually goes on a 6-screw interface which is probably weaker than a 9-screw interface. BTW, those 9 screws are closer to the extremity of the disc. So probably less stress than on an usual disc.

It may work, I’m not sure at all. But I’d prefer to have a single adapter instead of a stack of adapters :grin:

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Think this shows a better option:

The photo shows it has bolt holes to attach to the 200 adapter points and then it offers up 223 mounting spaces for that positioning.

…. I think :thinking:

Yeah, that may work. You wanna give it a try? :smiley:

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