Schlumpf 2022 Build Questions

Thanks for sharing this.

I am not as close to the issues Becky reported before, but I have been getting BrakeStuff to make two prototype rotors to fit the new schlumpf hubs - one is going to be used by Becky and the other I’ll test - these have been made and in possession so we should get some idea how good / bad they are soon :soon::smiley:

Again I don’t want to speak on behalf of someone else - however I do understand this project from my conversations with BrakeStuff.

  1. Firstly their rotors are made using heat treated steel that is focused on disc rotor usage - whereas Florian’s rotors aren’t heat treated.

1.4301 is the DIN designation for the one we use the most. This CANNOT be heat treated or hardened.

  1. It was advised that the holes could / should be smaller on the rotating edge as this is better for organic pads

  2. The symmetrical design means that when the metal heats up it causes a “dishing” (bowl effect) to the rotor. This means the rotor pulls inwards and when it cools it fixes like that. The standard swooped asymmetrical design of rotors allows the metal to expand with the outside diameter moving naturally outwards - so this is what we’re aiming to get BrakeStuff to make and possible Schlumpf Innovations to adjust to down the line. (This area was relayed to me via Becky as she was able to collect rotor and speak with BrakeStuff in person :pray:)

I’m hoping the BrakeStuff rotors that are already made will be a massive improvement solely due to the metal used - before the design is moved to asymmetrical from a direct copy of the Schlumpf symmetrical one.

The ideal would be an asymmetrical design with smaller holes at the edge of the rotor - but to start with the test is to see how a BrakeStuff manufactured one holds up.