BrakeStuff Rotors for Schlumpf - Who’s Interested?

I probably won’t be able to resist - 203 and 223 :grin: on a G36 sounds like a fun set up to test.

Only condition is that the rotors be known from this moment out as MindBalance 203/223 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I used something similar to put a 203mm rotor on my Qu-ax (which has mounts for a 160mm rotor). So that’s a 43mm difference, which sounds like it might also work for 180->223.

Here’s an Amazon link to the one I bought.

edit: my frame (the old “QX series”) is post mount, but I guess that’s unusual?


That’s what I was referring to when I mentioned the modern uni frames :grin:
I also have a Qx-series frame and have been surprised of the PM standard used there.

Thanks for the input both :pray:

Thinking about all of this. I’d probably just ask BrakeStuff if that can do a 220 rotor and use the R type Hope mount you mentioned / linked above.

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Curious. These are the two concepts / options I have proposed being worked up as a design:

Option 1:

Option 2:

This is very early stages and the photos are just my own hack job at superimposing one rotor design on the official design - a concept rather than anything technical.

Option 1 seems to have the benefit of sticking to how the hub’s creator wanted the rotor to work. So I imagine this is compliant / more compliant with warranty aspects.

Option 2 is more adventurous and more in line with how bike rotors are made - with the sweeping rotor arms (as I understand it) being there for rotational support as the braking force is applied. However it could also be cosmetically pleasing as the design from Florian clearly works in the technical sense - but we’ve just seen it wearing more.

I have heard the metal used isn’t heat treated, and that it cannot be heat treated due to the type and quality of steel used.

I am hoping that which ever option gets the green light for actually being tested / made, we can get 203 and 220mm sizing options.

But it would be great to get any feedback on which option is preferred by those that will order / may order one down the line (should this all work out of course before then!)


I’m wondering whether option 2 may cool down faster than option 1 - or heat up slower. Could there be any effect of the form of the rotor on that point?

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Good point. I’ll bear that in mind and ask when the time comes to that kind of discussion.

Ideally I’d enjoy testing both options but have no ideas on costs and if it ends up being near £200 then I’ll opt to test what is safest to use on the hub interface I think.

Would be certainly interesting to how how much heat gets transferred to the hub body of any from the rotor.

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Wanted to cross link this for thread continuity:

But also just share the photos I got (with permission from @Becky98)

They feature used 203, new 203, used 180.

You’ll be able to see in one of these shots how the 203 has dished and become bowed out.

It is also super clear how thin the metal has gone here!


A litte addition to the post:
Both discs were ridden each about 2000 km with about 25 000 m of downhill.


My 203 BrakeSTUFF rotor arrived and I like it. Very hard to say why but it feels different / texture and metal flex and the finish is very, very refined.

As soon as I can I’ll get this on a hub and test it as best I can.


I’m jealous :heart_eyes:
My Schlumpf rotor is now really bent after ~50 km of a hilly ride and 1000m of elevation gain/drop. It didn’t liked the 35 kmph descents :upside_down_face:


That doesn’t sound good.

Logically speaking you’d be a better candidate to test this - over myself - but I’ll push myself to try this on some real hills and see how it handles.

Here’s hoping we get some indications it is a lot better in terms of performance and heat dissipation which may mitigate the bending due to the symmetrical design.



It looks like the original!
You’re right to order it! Thanks!

When I see the feedback from @Becky98 and @Maxence, I’m not sure I want to try the disc supplied by Schlumpf… it looks okay for someone who doesn’t use the brake. :roll_eyes:

Come on, Felix, hit the brake hard with this new disc! We’re all with you!


I think it works for very light short braking.

But I think I now understand why my G24 and Tech3 E4 failed to help me on a steep downhill a few weekends back. I was pulling the leaver completely closed and it didn’t have the power I needed. And yes I wiped out with a rear fall and foot trapped under pedal.

At the time I thought it was due to the brake needing a bleed or the pads not bedding in, but now I hear that others fine or general soft, I think the rotor is primarily to blame here. It does work but not as well as you would want it to.

I picture these official rotors making handy saucepan stands around kitchens or converted into artisan clocks :mantelpiece_clock:

Ok the challenge is accepted. I think I may mount it to my G24 as I have the most confidence taking that down some decent hills and while it won’t have the larger wheel to brake - it should still give a good idea. At least I can compare to my recent bad experience! :smile:


Please write Florian an e-mail and tell him!

I am currently trying to test the disc. Unfortunately the mountains have disappeared here in northern Germany. Might get some mountains in Sweden, but they definitely will be not as demanding as the ones in the south.


I’ll do it during the weekend!


OK, count me in for a 220 (or a 203 as a second choice).

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Yes, count me in for the “Mindbalance 220/203”
I’m open to any advice about 220 or 203 for my G36 build. I will probably not install the schlumpf 203.

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For a G36, I advice you take a 220. You’ll have less issues setting up the brake. With a 203, the caliper may hit the spokes.

Sure let’s hope it all happens easily from now on out! :crossed_fingers::grinning:
I suspect this would end up being a direct order thing from BrakeSTUFF once confirmed etc

On the 125mm hubs the 203 rotor fits and clears spokes with tons of room. No issues clearance wise for that size.

I think the 220 is mainly for the 100mm 36ers or for those that want a bigggggggg rotor :gear:

I’d personally say - use it, try it. You’ll see how it works and it isn’t going to be totally void of benefit.