Boston Unicyclists

Anyone in the Boston area interested in riding at some point this summer? I live right outside Boston (Newton), and would love to meet up. Or does anyone know if there is already a unicycling club in the area?


(I know there are a few Boston threads already but they seem pretty outdated.)

There’s a bunch of us in the area that ride regulary. I only muni but davidp, k1b1jki, mountainuni1 and others road ride on 36ers as well. What kind of riding do you do?

Oh… and welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

I’ve been riding mainly freestyle and flat but some trials and muni too, and have been meaning to do more muni now that the weather’s nice.
I’d love to join you guys! (I do only have a nimbus trials though).

I would love to join you all as well, but I’m afraid my newbie skills wouldn’t keep up. I’ll check back in the hopefully near future when I have advanced in skill and equipment.

I have relatives that just moved to Boston area, and friends there. If you guys want to all pitch in and buy me a plane ticket I’ll come ride with you :slight_smile:

I’ve got a 24" you could use, I’d just have to put the frame back on. :slight_smile:
We mainly get together in the afternoons and evenings after work, but have been known to put together weekend rides as well.

I started muni riding with KB1JKI and Mountainuni1 after riding a month. Getting out and riding with a group is a great way to improve your skills. You’re welcome to join. :slight_smile:

Sounds great! I am all about improvement. Let me know some times, I’ll bounce 'em off my work schedule.

Animal Cage: I’m a western Mass guy (work in Springfield, live in Belchertown). I like to ride Muni - although I am not that great at it. My two teenage boys are pretty good. There are some good places to ride in the area: Memorial Park in Chicopee and the Holyoke range in the Hadley / Amherst area to name a couple. Anyway, weekends in May are kind of tight, but I would be up for a few rides after that.

Also, if Muni is not your “cup of tea”, I am happy to roll along over the road.

Bostonian Here

West of Boston Here. I live kind of near DaveP

I’m near Newton, and frequently muni in Cutler Park in Needham.


sounds great I’m actually out of town until the 29th but I’ll make sure to get in touch when I get back and we can figure something out.

cool. It might actually stop raining by then… :roll_eyes:

There is a Google list for Boston:

Not very active, but worth subscribing to.

Also, near Newton, Olin College in Needham has a unicycle club. I’ve joined the list and recently took one of the Olin students to Cutler Park and Lynn Woods. They are out for the summer, but have a bunch of riders, some very strong I hear.

Just subscribed to both. Let’s see what happens!

new facebook group!

I’ve created a facebook group in the Mountainuni name with Jeff and Eric’s blessing. :slight_smile:

It’s called Mountainuni Rides:

I personally like to get out in the woods a few times a week and riding with others is always more fun! I’ll post on this page anytime I’m planning to ride and invite any local Boston area people to do the same. There’s an email address at the top of the group page that lets you email the group and post on the wall at the same time, which may come in handy for short notice rides.

I’ve done a page like this before for a mountain b*king group I used to ride regularly with and it worked out well.

Edit: I just did some research and you CAN turn off email notifications for a specific group if you’d like to join, but prefer to not get emails. Feel free to ask me if you’re not sure how.

A Nice Addition!

Thanks Jay, a nice addition to the Mountainuni FB Page!

We had 2 great rides this past weekend with riders from this thread and the Mountainuni Rides facebook page. A total of 9 miles of muni! yeah! thanks for everyone that came out. :slight_smile:

I shot some video onto a unfortunately busted memory card so it’s all lost. :frowning: Next time!