Boston Unicyclists


Nice to see that there is a couple of muni riders out there in the Boston area. However, this topic seems a bit hibernating but I hope it is just because you are dealing directly with each other now.

I am living in Arlington and working in Waltham.

Anyway, if there is riders interested for a ride, let me know. It is always funnier to be several rider together (no matter what the level is) than just riding alone (this includes off course riding attempts in the snow the past weekend :D).

I live in Littleton, a little further outside the city. I’ve been thinking about staging a sort of Muni flash mob up at Great Brook park in Carlisle. It’s got a bit of everything - road, easy dirt road, and a more challenging single track so everyone could have fun. I guess now that I’ve mentioned it ill have to pick a date.

As far as me if qualify myself as an advanced beginner muni rider; I’ve never ridden with another uni rider so it would be a fun experience.


Nice to see people around and ready for some fun :slight_smile:

Keep me posted.

I cant ride yet =P But I bought a muni last month and once the weather permits, will be learning to ride. I’m in the metro-west area myself just off 495. Getting into shape on my exercise bike / losing some weight so I dont break my shiny new unicycle while learning =D Don’t want to blow the spokes off my unicyle going off of something just because I’m 20lbs over weight =)

Easter March 31, Great Brook Park, Carlisle MA?

…so there’s still lots of snow on the ground, but we’re due for a solid week of sun and spring is here…who is up for a social/ride at great brook Easter Sunday?

For those of you that haven’t been there, there are routes to suit any level, from a nice meandering paved road popular with road bikes, to broad, flat dirt bridal paths, to the more challenging, well maintained MTB trail loops. Nothing too long, but plenty to keep things interesting. It may be a little muddy in places, but my guess is that it will be pretty dry if the weather stays as forecasted.

I’ve never ridden with another unicylist, so don’t be afraid to show up if you haven’t either. I’ll probably be sticking to the easy dirt for the most part.

I’m going to plan on being there around 2. As a gastric motivator I may bring some of my traditional Deviled Peppered Purple Pickled Easter Eggs for anyone that wants to try them…


I am away for work and will be back only on April 6th.
So for me it will be next time :wink:

For the riding spots, I tried last summer with a good friend of mine the Fire track in the Fells Reservation and it was a nice ride mostly rolling and accessible (the technical spots are few and short enough to be walked through).

On my todo list, there is two spots nearby Milton: Cutler Woods & Great Blue Hills.

Let me know next ride you want to go for a ride :slight_smile:

Let’s bump this thread :wink:

Hi Mass riders,

now that I am back home and the days are getting long enough, it is the evening ride season again !

Is there riders up for a ride after work (meeting around 5pm at a riding spot) to enjoy 1 or 2 hours before it gets dark ?

I did it a couple of times last year and it is a lot of fun (even when done just once in a while).

The question are: who is interested ? And are we close enough from each other to find a nice spot and still have time to ride ?

Finally got a 36er, now learning to ride it. Getting together with Leeway283 on Sunday for our first ride together in Springfield. Would love to head east at some point to join a ride. Wanna try some single-track with the 36er, if for nothing else than a good laugh! Yes, interested!

I’m on South Shore MA but would be willing to either travel to meet or organize something at Duxbury woods or Wompatuck SP. Both great BIG wheel areas. Weekends best. You could post meet spots in Mountainuninrides on FB too.

lol, just checked my fb, last post I see in that group was June 25, last year. Time to get it going again!

I’m up for a ride anywhere in MA if I can schedule it; I live right near the intersection of rts 2 and 495. I haven’t been down to Wampatuck but I’ve meant to go there at some point…

I head over to Carlisle pretty frequently too. No one showed up there Easter Sunday, but maybe that was good, as there was a lot of mud and ice. Probably a lot better now.

Right now I’m on a limited unicycle regimen - arthritis in the knee. Hopefully I’ll be fully functional again soon.


Thanks for all the replies :slight_smile:

However, it might require a bit of planning to find a proper spot based on wheel size to ride and driving distance :smiley:

There seems to be nice places to ride everywhere, the only think will be to find one convenient place.

Let’s start simple: can each of you post the wheel size(s) he/she wants to ride off-road along with a level estimate/type of ride wanted.

That will help to see if there is different styles calling for better grouping of the effort (and why not geopgraphically speaking too).

Okay, I will start ^_^:

Location: Arlington, MA
Wheel sizes for off-road: 26 or 29
Type of ride: anything is fine for me, I will pick the wheel accordingly (everything up to heavy muni => 26, XC to light muni => 29)
Distance during the week: anything under 30 min drive is okay (for after work riding)
Distance during the week-end: more distance is okay but I am far less available

Location: Springfield, MA
Wheel sizes for off-road: 36 (beginner)
Type of ride: XC to beginner muni
Distance during the week: local, availability varies greatly
Distance during the weekend: Further is ok, availability varies

Location: Littleton MA

In this crowd, probably a beginner/intermediate Muni - limited hill/technical skills. Never ridden with another unicyclist, so I don’t have much to gauge myself on.

26 or 29 muni

36 cross/road. I’d try muni on the 36 but I’d be walking quite a bit, I’m sure

Finding time is a challenge for me but I’ll try to meet up any time there’s a chance.

Chelmsford, MA

I’m very close to Great Brook Farm in Carlisle, for more challenge (lots of rocks) Russell Mill trails are even closer. Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsboro forest is another good spot. Have made trips to Harold Parker to meet up with others but don’t know it very well.

Duxbury, Wompatuck, Vietnam, Callahan SP

Pembroke, MA
Hardly ever on 24, 29, 36
36 Riding Almost 90% of rides, I love the distance you can cover. But for a more technical ride, I will ride 1/2 and 1/2 with a uni swap.
All good suggestions And ridden a bunch of them. As a middle ground, Vietnam in Milford or Callahan SP in Southboro might work for Springfield folks and others to meet in the middle. Duxbury Woods and Wompatuck are favorites for me, on your way to the Cape.

Location: Springfield, MA

Wheel sizes for off-road: Probably 26, but maybe 36 if the terrain is mild.

Type of ride: Up for anything, although I’m a beginner when it comes to Muni. The past year I’ve been mainly doing distance riding on roads and bike paths on my Coker. I recently purchased a Nimbus 26-inch and taken it off-road a few times. My Muni ability is extremely limited, but I’m definitely up for challenging myself.

Distance during the week: Tuesday or Thursday, any time, anywhere

Distance during the week-end: Anywhere if it’s in the morning. Must be at work around 3:30 p.m.

Hi everyone,

thanks for sharing the useful info. I only had time to save everybody on a map, it will help analyze which riding spot is better suited if we have tight schedules.

I have been to Russell Mill once and it was plenty of fun :smiley: and there is plenty of features I haven’t tried.
The only long ride I did were Landlock forest (Lexington, MA) and The Fells Reservation.

I also got very nice reports about Blue Hills something nearby Milton, MA.

But anywhere should be fun too thanks to unicycling :wink:

Stay tuned for an idea as soon as I find time to read carefully locations and availabilities.

MUNI in Vermont: Boston Area Riders Invited!

We’re hosting a weekend July12-14. Join for some or all of it.

Or anytime you’re up here let me know.