Calling Massachusetts area Unicyclists

Hi everyone, new to the site so I thought I would introduce myself by trying to get a group ride together. I live near the Quabbin resivour in MA. Is there anyone interested in meeting up for a ride in the near future?

I just started riding my Oracle 29" and am comfortable on easy xc rides but advanced muni is currently beyond me.

Hope to meet some of you!

Hi UniJeff. Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

There is a central thread for MA riding .

Have fun riding :wink:



I’m in the Springfield area. Would love to ride around Quabbin.

Hi, UniJeff. I’m currently living in Sudbury, MA & would be up for a ride soon. Check out the thread that Siddhartha posted, that’s where most of the rides are planned.

When are you thinking of riding? Weekends work best for me, personally. Send me a message & we will organize something.

Looks like dec 19th is the next weekend day that is open for me. Would that work for people who are interested?

I’ll be around that day. What’s the trail like? Is it doable on a 36"?

It looks like the 19th is out for me. Taking my father to star wars vii the nerd awakens.