Best pictures of 2015 for Unicycling Calendar

As has become tradition, let’s start a “Best pictures of 2015” thread. Alas, I don’t have really amazing pictures myself to contribute. This one is from the Dutch Nationals (800 m race, age group 14-18).

Also continuing the tradition from the last few years, I want to create again what I call the World Unicycling Calendar 2016, with pictures from 2015. The calendar will be available for free as a single downloadable pdf file to print a paper copy for yourself.
Previous calendars: 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015.

For the 2016 calendar, I will consider any pictures that get posted in this thread within the next, say, two weeks (whether they have been posted in another thread or not).

I will also browse through the “Pictures of your latest ride” thread for posts made in 2015, for additional pictures.

This is the one I’m most proud of. I took it on the South Downs Way. Hope you like :slight_smile:

High resolution link:

Picture from Moab last March, it’s my profile picture since then :slight_smile:

Can anybody post my image in a smaller version? I can only get the huge one on the forum :frowning:

Awesome picture dude!

I got rid of a small red blur that was at the top of the image too.

High resolution link:

I went through my 2015 photos and I think it was a good uni year. I have some suggestions for this soon-to-be-awesome topic. Higher resolution available on request.

My 3 favourites of the year, and links for the full quality pics.


That’s my favourite unicycle related pic I took in 2015. :slight_smile:
PM me if you need it in higher resolution.

Great pics so far! Personally I do favour riding/action pics over pics of static unicycles.

Perfectly OK with me, everyone gets to enjoy them here. And for the calendar a wider choice is only good.

Here’s one from a parade this time last year.

If only I had a unicycle buddy to ride with and take pictures with! :frowning:

my favourite this year,
sun beach unicycle:D

Winter pictures

High1, high2

Alps 2 Ocean Trail, New Zealand

Full writeup on my blog:

Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, New Zealand

A few from later in the year


and a few from the Himalayas

The Unipal Unicycle Tour

Has anybody ever considered actually making a calendar? It would be so cool.

Oh yes

For a few examples, read the first post of this thread, and see the links in there. Before 2010, the late magazine UNI produced one or two calendars.

A couple from the San Francisco ride this year. I dunno why I like the last one, but I do. I still need to stitch together the video from that…

I’ve had Klaas Bil’s calendars up in my cubicle at work for the past two years. Looking forward to the 2016 edition! Thy’re the best!