Any older people (especially women) here?

Are there any older women in this sport? I am very new. I will be 50 this year and tried my daughter’s boyfriend’s unicycle last weekend. I played on it for a couple of hours and all I can do is go straight down the street. No turning and no going backwards. I’m sure my face shows such concentration that I look constipated LOL. Anyway, I’m wondering if I’m too old to get into this? I think I would enjoy it, but as much as jumping and all that looks fun I’m afraid I might break. Perhaps I’m a fish out of water.

So my question is where are all the older women?
Advice on a first unicycle? Should I get the Nimbus II? I do love mountain biking–climbing but not very technical trails. Is the Nimbus too overkill for not being very aggressive? Thanks.

Terry “Unigeezer” Kills it, I believe he is “MUNIADDICT” on this site

I was not implying Terry was a woman :p,
just that he is the age you mentioned and is quite good

Not only are you not too old, there is a community of unicyclists, several around your age, in the Bay area for you to ride with! If you get interested in MUni (trail riding) or road riding. Or basketball, which is played weekly in Berkeley.

But it is a unisex name…:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a woman! I’m 39. I’ve been at it now for just over 2 weeks. I can go down the entire length of sports authority now, about 90 feet. I need to learn to turn now as I just finished the entire length of the sidewalk. I’m getting a KH20. But I want to do flat, street except grinds and jumping lots of stairs, mild muni, trials except large drops, and just riding. I’m only 5’1" so 20" uni will be it for me. Most people seem to go 24" for muni and larger ones for distance too.

I would just ride and see where you go. Now that I’m older, things break and healing takes longer so I have my limits now. Like I cant fall over 5’, dont do rails and such where falling cant be controlled, etc. I also always wear pads now. I recommend knee pads and wrist guards at least.

Nimbus is a good all around uni but how tall are you first? If you are really tall, I would consider a bigger uni then 20".

I thought you were supposed to be out practicing! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was out for an hour! Its across the street. Its like 25F here lol. But yes, from 40 to 90 feet today. And I stopped having a seizure on the uni, now I wont get it on video, darn! :o

Good job! I was just kidding

I am 5’5" with a 31" inseam. I was wondering if I should get a 20" since it’s easier to learn on or a 24" since it sounds more versatile. Hmmmm.

I think you meant munisex. :slight_smile:

I am 5’1" with an inseam of 28" so thats why I am limited to a 20". The lowest of a 24" is about 28" so you would be OK. I think most people here agree that a 20" is easier to learn on unless you are like 6’ tall. I will let others comment as I’m a newbie just working on getting good enough to uni to work and back for now. :D:D:D:D I think the fat tire is nice as it rolls easily over rocks and twigs and all. I have a skinny tire for now. Anything is good to start on. You could look for a 20" torker used to start on and resell it later when you know what you want to do and need.

Depends on, how you define “older” :roll_eyes:

Certainly not. I’m 51 an begun 2½ years ago.

Well, I’m right here - in Denmark :smiley: but I don’t feel “older” - only kind of mid-age!

Go for it. It’s fun.

Good luck,

What offence?

Anyway. I have several Nimbi (Nimbuses ?). They are very nice unicycles. I learnt on a 20". I don’t do anything very exciting, mostly distance riding and a bit of hockey when I can.

If you can do it, then you’re not too old. Sounds like you’re making good progress. It took me many weeks of practice to get that far!

Never let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do, everyone is unique. If you believe in yourself then you can do whatever you like.

Not many older women here, but indeed there are some. If you played for a couple of hours and already can go straight down the street, that’s fast learning!
Why would you be too old to get into this? Not at all! Younger people jump more than us older ones, although Terry (mentioned in one of the responses above) is an avid jumper.
After some more practice, you could climb the same trails on a unicycle that you now do on a mountainbike. For best results on rough and slippery terrain you need a fat knobbly tire. For climbing I would recommend 24 x 3", and 150 or 165 mm cranks. 20" wheels are somewhat easier to learn on, but apparently you passed that initial stage already. And 20" is not a very good size for MUni (Mountain Unicycling), it’s too small and gets too easily stuck in uneven terrain.
If you’re not ‘aggressive’, you probably could get away with a cotterless hub (as opposed to splined), but that depends also on your weight. Splined hubs are generally stronger.

You’re doing great so far:)

If you want to get into Muni, I’d suggest a 24"X3" w/ 150 cranks (anything longer would prob. be too much unless you’re really tall, like 5’10" +). For mild to moderate Muni some prefer a 29" wheel.

Check out the 45+ yr. old thread. There’s also a women’s thread, but I couldn’t find it:o (I bet Cathy knows where it is).

Thanks for all the replies. I think I’m going to go with the Nimbus II 24 inch with the 145mm crank arm. Before I make the order does anyone have other suggestions about crank arm length or seat options or anything?

I did a post on seats for women. Most the women seem to prefer the Nimbus gel so youre OK there. Or the KH freeride.

Where do you live? If you live by me I would ride and practice with you!! :smiley:

I have the Nimbus with 125 mm cranks. I like the combination for riding on the street, and the hookworm tire is great.:slight_smile:

I would suggest getting the 145 cranks to learn on and consider switching to 145 cranks after you get used to it (if you are mainly riding on streets). If you get into Muni the 145 cranks should be fine. You will need a knobby tire for Muni, but do not worry about it now.

I’m in “sunny?” California. Drenched by rain but still in a drought. Where is Gaithersburg? Is it East coast?