Are you 45+

I was going to call this thread "Are you 50+”, but I thought it might be too lonely. Hey, there are threads for other ages, how about us more experienced at living? And the youngings (he-he) should know about us.

I am 50 and started riding three months ago (well, I was a level one rider when I was 12 years old). I am hooked on the one-wheel and have almost completed level three (except for that stomach-on-the-seat drill). I can jump mount, suicide mount, ride down a few stairs (one-at-a-time), hop down a bunch of stairs (okay, also one-at-a-time). I am working on idling (which, at least for me, is more difficult than learning how to ride) and SIF (still a long way off). I have been lurking on this forum several times a week all summer (you folks, and youtube, taught me how to ride–thanks).

I live in Utah which is epic for my other hobbies: rock climbing, telemark skiing, and snowboarding.

I started with a no-name 20” freestyle at the beginning of the summer, bought a Torker 20” DX a few weeks later, and just received my KH 24” from three days ago (call them for prices).

How about you other riders with 45+ years of life experience?

I’m 45+6…almost 7! 52 january 15th. If you haven’ seen any yet, here’s a couple of my vids–one Muni, the other inland stuff. Us old farts still have some spark left!

That’s 2 of about 80 I’ve made in the last year or so.

Yeah you old geez, I’ve seen a bunch of your vids. They’ve been motivational. I saw a post asking about older riders (I can’t seem to locate the thread now) and the reply was something like, “there is this one guy who claims to be older than 50” (and it pointed to one of your videos). Thanks for the motivation.

haha, “claims to be” that’s gold! (I’ve actually been lying all along I’m really only 37!;)) Well Steve it’s great to know there are other 50+ riders out there pushing their limits! Keep up the good work!:smiley:

I am turning 59 this wednesday
yesterday as we entered a MTB event (I’m the one on the right)
still one year to go as “sexy” … afterwards I will be “sexa” :smiley:

Yep, 55. I can’t ride like a kid but who cares. FUN is the name of the game. :slight_smile:

Hi Stevea

Hey, I am also a Salt Lake City guy. I am 45+ (47). I bought my first uni 2 weeks ago and trying to learn it. I am so new to these, that this is the first unicycle I have ever touched!!! I bought a 24" but found someone with a 20" they will let me learn on. Soooo for a while it is practice, practice and oh yeh, practice. Jeff:D

There is a rather substantial group of us “mature” riders around here. Unicycling really gets in your blood. Welcome to your new life.

Just made the age limit

I feel like the kid in the crowd.

At 45 I’m still quite active, play hockey with 20+ year old not seniors, play baseball and hang glide. Have 2 young children 5 and 10.

My unicycling skills still match the beginner category. But I can turn, hop, and go a fair distance. If I had other riders in my area perhaps my skills would improve. For now its self taught and self motivation to expand my skills.

Hello all !!!

I’m 45. Unicycled around the house as a kid unil about 15. Just bought a KH24 a couple of months ago. I ride trails and love it. Wish I could do some hopping tricks, but am afraid of hurting my allready damaged ankles. Also wanting the new Coker when it finally comes out…still waiting! My first passion is kiteboarding, big air, freestyle, and waveriding. i bought my fiance a LX 20", but it just sits in the garage. He is 54 and just doesn’t have the drive to want to learn.

I got another 6 mos til I hit 45 but no hurry here;) But like Wheel rider said “it really gets in your blood” plus it helps to be at a point in life that if you want something you can go get it now.
I am currently putting together a geared 36er with the Schlumpf hub and hopefully will be done soon.

I’m close…44 in a few days.

I have been unicycling since 1977, I learned just enough uni-skills to perform a short bit in my juggling act. I have unicycled on stages across this fine country I like to call “America” and all over the world. I left show biz to move to the mountains of Colorado and now I continue to perform - but on a morning radio show where no one cares if I unicycle or not.

I am intrigued by the new Muni throngs, and living among some of the best singletrack in the country I know I have to get out there and try it. So this old dog has some NEW tricks to learn!

Great thread. Nice to see some other 40 sumtin sumtins telemark skiing and riding the single wheels!!

Happy Birthday (a few days early) Wobbling Bear. It’s very cool you are competing!

onebyone: Yup. Fun is the name of the game. This sport responds to practice (and lots of it) unlike anything I’ve done in my life.

jeffrollins: I PM’d you. Let’s ride in SLC!

Wheel Rider: Yup, it’s in my blood like a (healthy) addiction.

legtod2: I know what you mean about needing to meet riders in your area. I am learning with a newbie friend, but most of my “instruction” has come from this forum,, and purchased DVDs. Us one-wheelers need a matching service… I think the lack of fellow riders is one of the reasons this forum is so active (otherwise, many of us would be completely alone).

Cynbad: I haven’t done any kiteboarding, but I used to spend my summers in Hood River windsurfing–it was as addicting as unicycling.

I’ll be 49 in a week. I’ve accumulated several unis in the past few years. Not much for Trials, but I really enjoy MUni and Cokering.

Unicycling keeps me in pretty good shape mostly because I look forward to it so I’ll do it often. I never could get excited about running (jogging). I tried for years. I love getting out on the trails with my MUni buddies. Used to Mountain B*ke a lot. But a couple of significant head-first neck-crunching crashes diluted my passion.

Cynbad: I can’t tell from your picture about your shoes. I wear hi-top basketball shoes with a stiff sole. The first thing I look at is the tread. Deep zig zags are great (Nike has one like that) for gripping the pins in your pedals. The high tops are good for two reasons: 1. Protection from twisted ankles during a rough UPD and 2. Protection from the hub/crank banging against my anklebone (yeeeeeeeouch!).

I am 45 and like Memphis Mud, unicycling is my favorite (perhaps only) form of exercise. I have 3 boys, 2 of whom unicycle and one who will learn as he gets a little older, so it is a fun family activity for us as well.

Happy Birthday!

Sexa is sexy! Happy birthday! Nice photo of you too.

Let’s see… I turned 45 in 1992. Hard to remember back that far.

I’m only 44, but 45 in December. Uni’ing for 3.5 yrs and love it as much as any sport. I have a connection to you though, because I ski-bummed at Alta, UT for three years in the early 90’s.

47 here. Muni is exclusively what I do living here on the mountainside. When I lived in town I enjoyed distance riding on a 36er about 4 times a week. I do a mostly hike up and ride down Lookout Mountain most every Saturday and Sunday morning and an occasional evening ride after work although that’s coming to and end with the shorter days.

52 y.o. now. Started uni just prior to 50th b-day. Had never touched one before. Took me a very long time to get it but persistance payed off. I ride every day that I possibly can now. I mix it up with some days doing distance on my 29er and some days practicing street skills on my 24. Been doing some light Muni for a while too but mostly pretty easy stuff. Used to be an avid road biker but haven’t spent much time on two wheels since I learned how to ride on one.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: