360 Unispins

Anyone got any tips for 360 unispins? I can 180 easily but I cant even come close to a 360

the main tip I give people is hand positioning…The noob hand positioning is puting one hand on the handle and another near the bumper…The best way is to keep them both on one side and more toward the middle, I tried takin a pic on my phone this might help…Hold the seat like this…

as compared to…

How were you holding the phone? in your mouth?

Noooo…shifty eyes I have print screen installed in my eyes…

That is really really crazy how you took the picture with both your hands in it.
But anyway.
I agree with what you’re saying, you need your hands as in the first picture so that you can really spin it (mostly using the hand in the middle of the seat) instead of just rotating it.
Try just spinning your unicycle 360 degrees in one spot.

Well heres a clip from a while back when I first got my blue berry, I wasnt to good at crankflips back then :wink:

Edit: CLick the pictiure :smiley:

search idiots guide to unispins.
also lower your tyre psi

I hold it that way…and it works fine at least for 360’s and 540’s so why is it ‘nooby’?

How long have you been riding?

I dunno, but started crankflip/unispin sommer 06

Well then it seems you are a lil new to it but learning fast! Well hay dude try doing it with the different hand posotioning next time you ride, jsut for laughs, its actually a lot better…youl find you can land tricks more often like that. Its how I, Spencer, Shaun Johanneson, Jacinto Ayuso, Dan Heaton, Sabin Arditty, Keaton Miller…bout 50 more riders with experience do it. Its actually a much nicer way dude give it a shot :smiley:

That’s a bummer, your eyes seem to be pretty low resolution and grainy. But handy! :slight_smile: Could you show a shot of your hand position/location when the seat is about halfway around? Blink

John, from the position that cody has given us, I would then use my right hand, the one closest to the handle, to spin the uni. The other hand I would really only use to balance the uni before and after the spin, So basically, jump and spin the uni with your right hand. Obviously this changes depending on what hands you use and what way you spin, if you hold the uni like Cody it would be the left hand I would be spinning with.

Hope that was clear and hope it helps.


Where should your hands be for 180’s?

Same place. I hold them like what was mentioned abov, but i just remove one hand and twist it 180 degrees and put my other hand back on.

Ohh im sorry I forgot to tell which way I spin lol. I unispin to the left and I use that same hand possitioning for 180, 270, 360, and 540 unispins :D. I kinda use both hands to spin and my left hand guides it through the spin…Here watch a 540…


Ohh I forgot to mention, I spin my unicycle counterclockwise(to hte left) when I unispin, Im right foot back and spin left lol. I actually kidna spin with both hands and guide it with my left during the spin, and I use the same tech and hand pos. for all my unispins including ones to tire…Heres a 540 unispin for ya…

Okay thanks for the tips.

I just went out and practiced a bit but everythings all wet and slushy so i didnt get too far.

Do you have to kick your legs out alot farther then when doing 180’s?

Well maybe a lil but you do have to jump off higher…

in the pic he had some one elses hand there and took the piktour mith his left hand you guys are reatardes you know that