360 Unispin

im having trouble w/ them too, but my problem is that my foot keeps catching on the frame, but the only thing I can come up w/ is that my grind plate is FREAKING HEAVY and it makes the balance of the uni all wacko, so when I spin it it spins on a funny axis and i have trouble landing.

i did a 450 spin to tire yesterday though, on total accident. i was practicing this :slight_smile: :?

jump higher and pull the uni up reasonable high too. gives more time for spinning.

Your unicycle doesn’t grow in size if you do a 360… you only have to spread your legs out as far as when you’re doing a 180… instead, what you need to do is jump higher and spin the uni faster.

On the contrary, leaving the uni on the ground while you jump puts more space between you and the uni, giving you more “airtime”. It also ensures the uni is in the same place as it was when you jumped… pulling the uni into the air tends to displace the uni, making your landing more difficult.

Well there is not just one way to do it. When I do bigger unispins like 540s my legs do go way out and I don’t jump up much more than a 360. I also leave the uni on the ground.
Cody picks his up and jumps up really high and his legs don’t really go out.

I think it is better to pick the uni up with you because that way you are able to do them off drops. If you can only do a 360 unispin with the uni pivoting on the ground then you will have a really hard time doing off anything.

here is a screen shot of me and Cody doing side by side 540s

Ah I love that pic :). I prefer picking it up, you dont have the friction of hte tire on the ground slowing your spin and throwing you off, and like Spencer said you can do them off drops or with gaps, I find it easier to 540 unispin off something than do it normally. The biggest tip I give for 360 and for 540 unispins is this, jump off higher and spin faster, for a 540 I say jump as high off as you can and spin with all your might lol

k i sound like a total noob at freestyle riding when i say this. and thats cuz i am. but, i just cant figure out how to hop with the seat out in front before you actualy DO the trick. and when i try to jump, my legs kindof react by pushing the uni back down to the ground. so i only jump like two inches. does anyone get what im saying? i know, im a noob :frowning:

but help por favor (thats please in spanish for those of you that dont live anywhere near MEXICO)

I’m working on these right now and I have a question. i have a good haznd position, I can spiun it fast enough, I can get the 360 jump mount to, but when i accually try a unispin I can’t get my feet on right. my righty foot hits the cranks but i have no clue what happens to my left foot. Can anyone give me any tips on getting my feet on besides jump and spin the uni and hop that my feet land on it.

well…I’m still working on them, but what I found that helped me a lot, is to film yourself doing one, and then you can see your mistakes and where goes your left foot.

Hope it helps…


I’ll try that tommorow or friuday since I don’t have school. A little bit after i posted the last message thing I got really close to landing a few but the frame would slip or I would just fall off

I’ll try that tommorow or friuday since I don’t have school. A little bit after i posted the last message thing I got really close to landing a few but the frame would slip or I would just fall off

I still havent done one but I didn’t get REALLY serious about it untill tonight. I practiced for about an hour and got the 360 jump mount consistant and I got really close to landing the unispin.

I discovered a few things that make it a bit easier…

  • using the hand position cody gave in this thread, stick your elbow straight out infront of you and you can spin even faster.

  • I could get closer if I started with the uni on a 45 degree angle

  • I had a problem of the uni going infront of me when I spun it so I tried it with a bit of forward momentum and it helped

I have a good feeling that I will get it tomorow

ERGH… I almost landed one. I got the spin down and all I needed was to get my left foot on the pedal.

I SMASHED my shin on the pedal. It hurts like heck. Ugh… It feels like my leg just cut cut open (I’ve experienced this type of pain before so I know it feels like it). Man, I need shin gaurds… Stupid pain. Now i’ll be limping everywhere for like 2 days…


About Cody’s hand position… I’ve tried spinning with my hands that way but I can’t do it fast (or even stable) enough. What usually happens would be that my uni would spin out of control and I’d risk spraining my wrist.

^ Yeah, exactly. I came here to say that.

I’ve been trying this for 4 days and I have insanely sore wrists and thumbs. It feels like my veins are snapping. I can never stick to the landing. I spin it slow, get both feet on and fall off.


i just learned 180unispins and i am trying 360s. Is it basically the same as 180s but spin faster? r u soppose to land them standing up?

y cause u uni for christ

I’m practicing 360 unispins. I should be able to land one some time soon.

uh yeah. You wouldnt be sitting down… if you mean seat out then the answer is: if thats how you can land them then do it.

you guys go to church?

does it help you with your unicycling much?

Yes it does, because when I go there for youth group or something at night there isn’t many other ppl there so I can ride anywhere I want and jump off the stage or w/e