360 Unispins

I was out riding today and practicing uni spins. I can spin it using that hand possition but I can’t keep the uni underneath me. Any tips on that?

And is it easier to land seat in?

hate to threadjack, but how is the blueberry. the reason i ask is im considering a white widow

Lol its great man, very stylish :wink: lol. Im only using the frame from it anymore. The saddle got a lil jacked so im usin a traditional devil saddle, and I got a street rim on there now so 360ing sets arent so hard on it, and I am using a steel post with a welded reinforcment. Alu saddles just cant hold my abuse. I would prolly still be usin the off the shelf blue berry If I wasnt trying to do tricks I can barely land off high things :wink: Crankfliping a 6 set landing on the pedals as you land…bad idea…540 unispin off a table to seat in…not allways a smart idea as well ;-). But for trials, the uni is flat awsome man!

Your amazing cody.

Can you give me some tips on 540 unispins?

I didnt figure out how i should do 360 unispins correctly till 2 days ago, trying to figure out how to land seat in for treyflip, which im nowhere near lol.

But i can do 360’s seat in now, lol, a lot easier than the other way.

But i cant land 540’s, anytips?

dude slow down,

get 360 unispins, varials, small spins ect down 100% before you try 540s

lol, i can 360 unispin easily, It is just, i could never get seat in, untill i saw that hand position, then i got it right away.

Lol gotta agree with miles a lil bit, take your time, I generally work alot on tricks I allready know, I am still working on 360 unispins, cause I want them to be very consistant and very clean looking…But for 540s…a lighter uni will help ya out a lot…But how are oyu holding hte saddle now you said that 2 days ago you just got it down correct? Can ya give a pic of your hand positioning or something of that sort? But all I did differently from a 360(once I got it down very well) is I jump off harder and spin harder, it just comes with practice…Try to not let go of the saddle, it will often times go in a bad direction if you do, I use one hand to guide it as its spinning…Just dump off as hard as you can and muster all your strength into that spin, lil explosion of energy, it will get easier later, youl get a lil stronger and the hang of it…

also, learn 360 unispins off curbs and ledges.

can some one post a close up video of your hands when you 360 unispin making it clear/clearer on what you do or can someone at least describe the movements of your hands or even better maybe both, thanks, its just i can almost do them apart from i feel that its how I am holding the seat and spinning it which is letting me down

The hand position in sp4rky-m4rky’s tutorial hasn’t been mentioned, the one where you hold the the front of the saddle on the side near the handle, and one hand at the back with the thumb directly in the middle of the back bit… That’s what I do…?

Just work it out for yourself. Trial and error. And stop bumping up year old threads.

im just starting to practice my 360 unispins and i have trouble spinning it and keeping the uni from tipping to one side, when i do the 360 jump mounts i find my foot hits the frame or tire before its completely done spinning… any tips on that before i head out to practice?

Skip the 360 jump mount. It may be tipping to one side because one hand is doing heeps of work and the other one isn’t.

Lol well its better to revive old threads than to start a new one asking the same infamous question…

i just got back to the forums to read your tip about the 360 jump mount after a solid 2 hours of practice on them, of course… i think they did help tho with the hand motion because now when i actually go for the full 360 unispin i can get the spin just right without any tilt (occasionaly my foot gets in the way of the tire as it spins but only once every 15 tries or so) but im not jumping high enough because my feet are almost to the ground when the uni has only done a 270. tomorrow im gana work on lifting my feet up a bit higher and kicking out just a tad more… also work on rolling 180 uni spins which i seem to be having more trouble then i should with them