150/130/110 Triple Hole Cranks

also, colors!

Non ISIS, right?

No, they are ISIS compatible. I’m pretty sure that all mad4one cranks are made ISIS compatible (possibly in addition to a non-ISIS design).

Here’s a picture of the other side of the cranks so you can see the pin system that is used, I think the 5 pin and 10 pin are ISIS compatible. Not sure if the triple hole cranks are pictured but Marco has confirmed they are ISIS compatible. :slight_smile:


I see… :thinking:

What are you unsure of? If you have any more questions I can answer what I know, or you could contact Marco or Olaf. :slight_smile:

Just wondering what they are really compatible with. KH, Nimbus, Schlumpf or is it just for the new other ISIS that only works with m41 hubs?

If you’re referencing this thread, although some mad4one cranks are produced in other versions (6 pin and maybe others) that will only work with mad4one hubs, it has been confirmed that the triple hole cranks and the disk brake hub will both be ISIS compatible. So they will work with any other ISIS products that you have. I’m fairly sure that all designs using the 5 pin or 10 pin interface are ISIS compatible.

Hope that cleared it up!

may be building a mad4one hub :wink:

Julia do you know how 5pin interface on the cranks connects to 10 spline ISIS hub?

I’m looking at the photos here and at Marco’s facebook and I haven’t noticed any 5pin cranks. Fortunately triple holes are available in 10pin ISIS version :slight_smile:

Yep, I have 5 pin and 10 pin cranks, which both fit on my ISIS hub. In the 5 pin, the pins just go into every other spline. The silver cranks in the middle right of post #3 are 5 pin.

Edit: Here’s a picture of some of the 6 pin hubs!

6 pin.jpg

Here’s a picture so you can see it (koxx one 10 spline hub, not mad4one).

5 pin.jpg

ok so is this going to be the new standard? i am very confused!

The 6 pin interface was created to make the aluminum hubs strong enough to use in trials, street, and muni. It’s only used by mad4one right now, to save weight by using aluminum while still being strong enough for all disciplines. It’s my understanding that all mad4one products will be produced in a cromo ISIS version, and some will also be offered in a lighter weight aluminum version using the 6 pin design. Mad4one also makes aluminum ISIS hubs, but they’re designed for freestyle, racing, and flatland.

I wish I was rich. :frowning: Sooo nice!

Julia, thanks for the picture with the pins in place, that’s the sort of information that was missing.

I’m going to guess at why the aluminum hubs were designed with thicker splines. Josh at UDC told me that when he rode the aluminum Nimbus disc hub for muni, that the splines twisted, so a thicker spline would be stronger.

My only concern would be crank splines twisting/bending if a five pin is used with a ten pin (ISIS).

Do you know what the pins are made of, i.e 6000 or 7000 Aluminum?

What I’d really like to see is a true ISIS standard with a steep taper or a physical stop on the spindle, this would put the cranks in the same location every time with no creep issues.

Lots of pretty colors…

The ISIS standard doesn’t have a steep taper (1 degree vs. 2 degrees for square taper). But it does have a crank stop. To use a real crank stop on unicycles, we’d have to make our bearings larger to get over it. There’s a stock 25mm ID/47mm OD which would probably work, but would definitely require a different bearing holder.

Hmm, I thought there was also a difference in the taper, which is why the creep is an issue on unis more so that bikes.

A stop would work if the spindle were larger or the splines were smaller, but now we’re talking about a new standard…

At one point I was think of a two part split ring that was cone shaped, so the crank would press the halves of the cone together to make a stop.

The spacers do work and serve a purpose in keeping the bearing from slipping on the spindle, but the fit is rarely perfect and in time the cranks loosen, so then you can reduce the spacer thickness if you have not already maxed out the tolerance; a common problem with Schlumpfs and KH frames.

I’d like to see the cranks incorporate a cross wise clamp bolt, like a bmx jump bike, then you could set the crank size where you need them and tighten the crank without having to move it closer to the hub.

No, it’s because the ISIS standard is that the bulk of the force is the pressure of the crank against the crank stop, not against the splines, and we don’t have a crank stop. The explicit purpose of the crank stop is to put the crank in the same place every time you install it.

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I’m not sure, you could contact Marco though, he’ll definitely know.

Here’s another photo where you can see the back of the triple hole cranks. Like vookash said they’ll be offered in a 10 pin ISIS version.

triple resized.jpg