New Mad4One Parts - Disk Brake Hub and more!

The Seisuke Kobayashi Signature race kit is in green, and the disc brake hub and double hole cranks are in pink. Soon, you’ll be able to customize the color of all your Mad4One parts. For more info, check out the facebook page and website.

can you get mad4one cranks in the united states yet? If so were?

The disk hub <3

The colors <3

Oh how Mad4one has stolen my heart!

If you want to get Mad4one parts contact Marco Vitale at


I think its a mistake moving away from ISIS. I would have bought a disc hub, but I want to use my own cranks.

Same. I love the hub design, but would use different and lighter-duty ISIS cranks in my own build.

Glad to see the company expanding offerings, which implies growth. I imagine this is a very hard market to thrive in. Best of luck to those at Mad4One.

Not ISIS? What were they thinking?

If it was ISIS, I’d consider buying a disc hub, oh well

The hubs are made of ergal, that is why the ISIS pattern is different. The entire hub and crank are EXTREMELY light and strong. I am using the non disk hub on my 24inch street unicycle and I have yet to bend or break the hub or cranks.

Yes it does seem kind of odd to have a different ISIS pattern but after you feel the weight difference between all the other hub and cranks you seen realize the MASSIVE benefits of having a light hub. Your control of the uni goes up, hiking/walking with the uni is a lot easier (I rode my uni on campus both semester this year and the light weight made it a joy for riding through crowded hallways and walkways, also made it nice for when i had to carry my uni in class).

These hubs and cranks are quality, each and ever hub is made one at a time in a small machine shop in Italy that machines parts for the Bugatti super car. Yes they are expensive, “you get what you pay for.”


Are they using a spline standard from mtbing or is it their own standard?

I.E. are there any other crank brands that fit those hubs?

I an guessing that the pictures shown here are just computer models. Please tell me if I am wrong but it looks to me like the splines on the hub don’t match up with the splines you can see on the green cranks suggesting these aren’t the real deal.

Ergal is just another name for 7075 Aluminum, no reason for a new crank interface.

They’re prototypes I believe, not computer models. You’ll be able to see them at unicon. :slight_smile:

On the question what the type of spline is it they answered on fb:
It is a MAD4ONE system developped by us. With this spline is possible to have Ergal hub strong as CrMo Hub with 30% of weigth.


This interface forces a consumer to use the matching crank. Many people would choose another crank made by someone else if given the choice. That choice has been revoked. The market will vote with their dollars to prove whether or not this was a good idea.

I’m also turned off by the claims of a lighter hub increasing my enjoyment while riding through hallways. All things within reason, hub weights don’t matter. Especially when riding in hallways.

I wish people could just sell their products on the merits of good, simple design.

I’d have been interested in the hub based on it’s clean elegant design and one-piece machined construction. the cost associated with machining the hub is higher than other methods. As an educated consumer, I’m aware of that and would have been willing to pay extra.

I suppose this sells things to people who don’t know better, so the youth?

Personally, I already have more than a dozen ISIS standard cranks in lengths from 125-175, four ISIS hubbed unis, so if it ain’t ISIS I ain’t buying. I suppose it would work for folks who only ride a uni the way it comes equipped, that’s just not me.

As to the use of “new” materials and claims of weight loss and high strength, let’s be honest, there are no new materials that are economical enough for uses, even Ti is very expensive. I would hope that “the youth” would recognize that such claims are fluff :o

Propriatary cranks and hubs, novel idea, too bad they won’t sell many.

Ive been riding a unicycle for 8 years, I have seen many designs come and go. Personally I myself do not care about weight but more of the reliability of the part. After riding with light weight parts you soon see all the advantages of having them.

I mean you guys care about having a light weight 36inch tire so why not have a light hub? This hub is for the extreme genres of riding, the type of riding where you do things in the air that happen in a blink of the eye.

Yes the ergal is the 7075, an extremely hard aluminum! Currently KH is making his new cranks out of them and I am extremely excited to see how they hold up. These are not computer models, they are in fact the real deal.

I have been riding with Mad4one parts for a year and a half now and have seen and rode some parts that werent the best. These new cranks and hubs are so far amazing. Yes I am sponsored by them, I am not saying all of this because of that. I am completely for the innovation of new parts for the unicycling community and I think mad4one is doing this quite well.

Also just to clear things I dont just ride in hallways, I also enjoy like to ride a lot of street.

Because the tire is far away from the wheel axis and contributes significantly to the moment of inertia - contrary to the hub.

To state more simply:

The further the weight is from the axle, the more that weight adds to the wheel’s inability to accelerate. This is why you notice the effect a lot more on a 36" wheel than on a 20" wheel.

Conversely, the closer the weight is to the axle, the less that weight matters when trying to accelerate the wheel. This is why a rider on a 20" wheel can accelerate faster than on a 36" wheel.

I call BS. It’s not the spline system which is a weakness preventing the use of alu axles for heavy duty unicycling - there should be no problem with making an ISIS interface strong enough (I had an alu ISIS BB on my MTB - only no longer there because the bearings failed rather than any weakness with the axle).

Though I have to admit I’m coming round to the idea of using a normal hub with KH Spirit cranks for fitting a disc.

A light weight hub and crank help in other ways, like hopping and tricks that involve hopping. Makes tricks like late flips or normal flips a lot easier, also you can add a few extra inches to your hops. This does multiple things, the one and most important is that it makes getting on objects easier. So if you are into grinding rails the most important thing is getting up onto the rail comfortably. With the little bit of weight saved this can now be achieved.

In the early models of the ergal hubs mad4one tried to stay with the normal ISIS pattern and bad things happened… the hub bent. The new ISIS pattern is larger than a normal ISIS pattern meaning more material on the axle making it stronger.

And yes I am familiar with rotational mass, a lot of street and flatland riders believe it or not. The lighter we can get the wheel the more flips we can add into our tricks and make catching flips easier.

Personaly I think these new parts are awesome! They seem very high quality and like a lot of though has gone into them. It is sad how they are not ISIS but hey they’re new parts in a small sport so we shouldn’t complain to much heh… :slight_smile:

I have seen a lot of posts from people irritated with the limitations of the ISIS hub “standard” that is not used consistently for unicycles. Recall all the discussion about hub creep and putting disk brakes on a Schlumpf hub. It is interesting to see someone try something different. Don’t get me wrong, I like standard parts, but ISIS is NOT a perfect design.

I will not rush out and buy a Madrone Hub and Crank set because I just do not care enough about hub weight with the style of riding I enjoy. It will be interesting to see how they hold up and perform.